Why is carp fishing not popular at all in the usa?

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Question by Charles Slone: Why is carp fishing not popular at all in the usa?
I see all the time how, the UK or other European countries have carp fishing right at the top. Yet, the U.S doesn’t think of carp fishing popular at all. I’ve fished for every fish before, catfish, carp, bass, panfish, walleye. And carp are the hardest fighting of any of those, yet they don’t have any respect? They’re not nasty little things that just dirty up the water, they’re my favorite sport fish! At second i would put catfish. I just don’t like it, in bass fishing you’re continuously moving throwing a lure here and there and reeling, jigging, popping. I’d rather get some dough ball with 3 rods and lay them out while I’m enjoying myself. So, why isn’t carp fishing popular in the United States?

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Answer by BeachBum818
Well I don’t dislike carp fishing but I don’t target them either. But maybe it is due to the same reason you enjoy it, bait and wait. Just like people don’t like baiting and waiting for saltwater species. I think its just a preference as to how you like to fish. If you are someone with a $ 50,000 bass boat baiting and waiting is probably not going ot be your thing, but if your fishing from land fishing may be an added bonus to an outing so baiting and waiting will work, or you may want to actively try to catch fish. So it may not be the fish but possibly the technique used to catch the fish. I havent seen carp taken on a topwater plug lol.

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  2. Um. It could be because we like to eat our fish. Or we like a challenge in the fish we don’t like to eat. (yeah, bass is edible, but there’s so many better fish to eat…) Yes, bass are a lot of work, but it makes you feel like you’ve done something when you land a big one… not just the fight, but the outsmarting as well.

    If I’m going to soak baits, I’m going to go home with something tasty… mangrove snapper or sheepshead or flounder…. mmmmmmmm

  3. I believe Europe has some better eating varieties of carp than we have. Ours are awful tasting. Maybe you would enjoy fishing for dog fish aka bowfin. They fight harder than carp. Also what about Pike?
    Spearing carp is somewhat popular at night with a spot light. It’s fun to kill them and gets some junky fish out of the lake.

  4. give it time. americans are slowly coming around in giving them the recognition they are due. pound for pound, nothing in f/w fights harder. and they can be more selective than trout. most of the carp fishing in europe is catch and release . not because they aren’t edible but for their game qualities. there are fly fishers who target carp in the great lakes. you can find videos of this on you tube. trout and bass fishermen can go years without catching a 10 pounder but when you hunt for carp, a 20 pounder is not that unusual. and they are quite edible. but bass is still my number 1 with all the moving, throwing, reeling, jigging and popping.

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