what are some good homemade carp bait recipes?

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Question by lucky.lehman14: what are some good homemade carp bait recipes?

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Answer by Chad
throw several hand fulls of canned corn out then put some on a small three way hook

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3 thoughts on “what are some good homemade carp bait recipes?
  1. the best carp bait without killing unsuspecting fish is plain old dough. Yup poppin fresh dough in a can right there in the grocery store near the butter.

  2. I have never been successful with corn so I wouldn’t suggest it. I have caught carp on bread pressed around a hook without the crust and the best of all, these recipies, (I put the website with them in the sources). It worked really well on a treble hook, (I use doughball delight as my favorite) Hope this works!

  3. You should come down to syracuse and going fishing with me and my father!

    Sunday i caught 2 carp.
    1 about 40 – 50 inches. 27 pounds.
    And another one i didn’t measure.

    My recipe!

    First, you need to buy normal white bread, peanut butter, and vanilla extract.

    1. Remove the crust, this makes it better to make into a ball.
    2. Cover the side with a little peanut butter. (If you forgot a knife, you can always use a stick) or just add a dab in the middle.
    3. Add a dot of vanilla extract. IF YOU PUT TOO MUCH IT WILL BE MUSHY!
    4. Buy treble hooks, and put the hook in the center of the bread.
    5. Smush it all together into the hook forming a ball. Make sure its stays. Smush it really hard.
    6. Casting is a problem for some people. You have to cast, and hold the pole out. If you just cast normal the bread will shake and fall off.
    7. Buy a stand of some kind, or make one. Leave the fishing pole out there.
    Carp takes 10mins – 1 hour to catch. Relax, don’t reel in it or the bread goes bye bye. After 30 minutes nothing happens reel it in. The bread still on, or didn’t even get a bite try few more times. You may need to change your spot.

    8. You need 50lb test line so you can pull the pig out of the weeds, and fight it. If you use any lower, your line will snap.
    I use 50lb braid spiderwire line. Make sure its a braid.

    Enjoy fishing!
    Remember, patience.
    You can also bring another fishing pole in and try catching for some bass when your waiting.

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