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Buy all your Ultima Products in Our Ebay Shop or our website. stores.ebay.co.uk www.cap1.com A guide to line, rigs and catching big carp. Featuring Ultima consultants including Steve Renyard, Ardy Veltkamp, Pete Wilson, Koos Walters, Felix van de Marcel, John Richards and Stephen Buss. Presented by Joe Morgan of Carp TV Join the Ultima Carp Team at the fantastic French Venue Etang de Pierre as they share their knowledge on how to get the most from a French Carp trip, and provide demonstrations on casting, line care, spodding, marker work, fish care, bait preparation, plus Steve Renyard on some new and some classic rigs and much more.
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The Crafty Tackle boys annual fishing trip to France, Dream Lake 5 in July 2008. Please check out our ebay shop where you can buy all the rigs used to catch the stunning carp on all my videos. CRAFTYTACKLE.CO.UK stores.ebay.co.uk Log on and up load all your catches at www.craftytackle.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

16 thoughts on “Ultima The Power Of Carp complete DVD Video – http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Carp1-Fishing-Tackle-Shop
  1. hey people, learning on how to fish, mabie tie a rig? well go on my channel and go on the uk forums fishing video and join the site in the description!

  2. Anyway he ended up losing it despite all of our efforts, it snapped the actualy hooklink. Best carp between us was 46lb mirror, i had two lovely common at 31lb 11oz and 33lb 7oz. I was hoping for one or two 20 commons so was made up and then some. Anyway love the video brings back memories, looking forward to returning to the same lake.

  3. Had a bloody fantastic week, fishing slow to start (it was mid july and extremely hot, a week after most lakes had breeding action infact)… Landed a good few 30`s, fair few 20`s and my mate had a cat on for 2 and a half hours, 3 of us waste deep in the water trying to help with the rod as it kept sweeping under the trees and back again, if it didnt just sit still refusing to move. Anyway it came up and ive never seen people get out of water so fast in my life, it was massive. Bailiff said 100+

  4. Alright mate, The biggest Carp was a 49lb Mirror and the biggest Cat was 79lb. Had a cracking week out there. Caught them all on bollies that Dreamlakes sell over there.

  5. Nicee video some of them pics were jokes :) , got some great catches there and looked like u had alot of fun :) just wonding how much were the biggest cats n carps you caught and what baits did u catch em on? ,

  6. well thats it, times finally here and im offskie. Round me mates for a beer and a gathering with the others and then off on the journey to this lake. I really hope the fishing gods are smiling and i catch some of the same fish shown in this video… catch ya later :oD… Get it? Catch ya later. :o)

  7. This time tomorrow ill be on the ferry starting my journey to this exact lake :o)) . andddd they have just ended a spawning session so should be time to get their heads down…….. yipeeeee. Finally leaving. :oD… I hope Saturday onward is a great trip where i manage to bag a few of the lovely carp and cats shown in this video. Christ knows ive watched this enough whilst waiting for this time to come, lol 

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