Tips and tricks carp fishing?

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Question by Connor : Tips and Tricks carp fishing ? There was a giant fish arounf my wading pond for a while. I rarely see. Today, I saw a carpe.Il finanly it is at least 20 pounds and 36 inches long.Je do not know much about catching carp if someone can give me some good advice on how to catch this guy perhaps (altho I almost do not want too, it’s like he is so big that you love rather than daring to take lol). What kind of pole do I need ? What lb test line do I need? What type of bait / lures they usually go for? Any info you can give me is a response grandeMerciMeilleure : Answer Backwater

by Charlie

This is a big fish
. I caught a carp £ 5 today. You MUST brake a smooth, especially for a carp of this size. If it is not smooth, does not even use it. A pop-jerky erratic wants to drag the line on a big fish at times. You can get away with a line if you have a smooth slide and there is not much cover around. £ 10 £ 12 or low vis-GREEN Berkley Big Game. Any rod as long as it is through the action will do. Rig a piece of corn on a hook 4 and a small split-Baitholder shot and see if you get it. better known? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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  1. well i dont know much about carp fishing but what i use to catch carp is catfish dough ball and i caught a 36 pounder in my pond

  2. smooth drag 6ft ugly stick for rod take bread and corn wrap the corn in bread and put it on a size 2 hook treable hook desined to hold dough baits

    good luck

  3. i catch carp 25-45 lbs at least every weekend so the 20 lb will put up a descent fight i use a ugly stick 6’1/2 long med action…. 2nd the line should be at least 10 lb test depending on the water (trees,alot of rocks etc…) if there is id go with 15 lb… and as for bait i use your everyday night crawlers or corn from a can use a number 6 treble hook or a eagle claw number 6 and put a couple of kernels on it with a sinker now the sinker is alittle tricky ill try and explain it the best i can…b 4 u put the hook on slide on a 1oz bank sinker put ur hook on tie it good.. about 16 inches from the hook put on a small split shot sinker now ur bank sinker wont slide down to the hook i do the because the carp like to play with there food they play with it leave come back they will do this acouple of times now when they take the bait.. they will pull the split shot and not the 1oz sinker if they feel the 1oz sinker they will spit it out… when the lines in the water loosen ur spool alittle cause ive had carp take my pole right in the water and never got it back but not to loose when ur lines in the water i like to put a light stick or if ur a smoker the foil from the pack on the line about 5 feet from the tip of the pole i do this cause u will c the line better when the carp play with it it will droop straightin droop straightin etc when u c this get ready cause if he like it he will take it anymore questions or anything let me no good luck

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