The Times to Fish

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The Times to Fish

Article by Liza Othman

It seems almost needless to tell any fisherman that the best fishing of the day, in pond or stream, is to be had during the first two hours after sun-up and from an hour and one-half before sunset until half an hour afterward. Fish seem to be a good deal like humans, so far as’they can be observed and studied. In the morning they want their breakfast, during the heat of the day they like a siesta and when twilight falls they are hungry again.

If you have your bait in the water at the first peep o’ day or at twilight, you will have a fuller creel of trout or bass, than if you fish during the midday hours. But here again we are up against another exception to the rule in the landlocked salmon of the lake, which seems to defy all rules of fishing lore and takes a delight in being eccentric. He is just as likely to take a bait at high noon as he is at sunrise or sunset.

On the other hand the brook trout is another exception as compared with the bass and salmon. The trout will take a fly when it is so dark that you must cast “by feel” and he will come for your worms when the only way you have of knowing they are in the water is from the tinkle of your sinker on the surface.

Rock Bass – Summer and autumn.

Burbot (Ling, etc.) – Toward night.

Carp King – Summer.

Grayling – Autumn.

Pike Perch – Summer and autumn.

Salmon, Atlantic – Late spring and early summer.

Brook Trout – Spring and summer, day or night.

Lake Trout – Early morning and at twilight.

Sea Bass – Summer and autumn.

Striped Bass – From spring to autumn, night or day, at high or low tide.

Blue Fish – June, July, August.

Butter Fish – Summer.

Flounder – Deep spots on ebb tide, shallow places on flood tide, February, March, April, October and November.

Herring, Atlantic – October, November, morning and evening, high tide.

Weakfish – In the ocean at ebb tide, July, August, September.

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