The Rise of Mobile Television

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The Rise of Mobile Television

Article by David Collins

The Rise of Mobile Television – Technology – Cell Phones

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The world of television is a vast and varied one. With so many channels to choose from – with many specialist channels on a range of topics that run from costume dramas to carp fishing.

Whether you prefer re-runs of comedy classics or new and exciting series from across the pond, cable television packages offer the opportunity to tailor your television schedule to your interests. With many companies now vying for our business through affordable packages, watching television at home is considered by some to be an important part of their relaxation at the end of a long working day.

However, could such technology soon be more freely available on our mobile phones? Over the years, mobile phones have evolved – both technologically and socially – to meet the demands of a digital nation. As well as making calls and sending texts, mobile phone handsets now have a wide variety of technologies available, allowing users to record videos, take high-quality photographs and watch sports highlights in the palm of their hand.

Even though we’ve had portable televisions for quite a while now, technology has made huge advances with regards to handset size and quality of images and sound. As a result, there are a number of packages available on contract and pay as you go mobile phones that allow users the opportunity to view clips of television shows and sports action for a small fee.

And interest in such packages has been steadily increasing in recent years, attracting buyers with the latest handsets – including the iPhone 3G – which have become designed to be compatible with services such as internet television. Some bands and television shows have taken to releasing ‘video podcasts’ in order to communicate with fans and showcase new material on a more personal level by allowing them to download the clip and watch at their leisure.

Customisable television packages are available, but quite how such packages can be adapted to mobile technology is still to be seen, as issues such as reception in some areas, memory capabilities and also battery life still need to be researched and tweaked to meet the needs of consumers.

The idea of watching your favourite television shows on the bus to work could attract many more customers to the world of mobile television, with more and more companies looking to invest in such services. As demand for such services increase, more packages are certain to become available in the future.

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David Collins

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