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4avg.rating 45 votes. Dave Lane presents the TF speed Max Power Carp Big Pit reel. If you need a reel That adds yards to your cast, with brute force to dominate the fish of the hardest fighting, the maximum power of Big Pit reel fishing is for you. Made for casting big fat fish, Pit Reel Big Max Power takes No Prisoners and is built to perform year after année.Note Video: 5/5

This is an incredible reel at an unbelievable price even more! The Big Pit Theseus XS8000 boasts extra spool taper off, it Which makes cutting easier than the traditional distance casting reels closer. The Big Pit Theseus XS8000 Incorporates a host of features Usually on reels, including £ 100 + on alloy coil, fully Roundline Which, Unlike the normal line clips clip does not “bite” in the line, to manage additional Significant That ends with the start This great grip Allows When Starting back after your platform These long shots! Features include: • 4.1:1 gear ratio • 5 bearings + 1 roller bearing • • A one-way clutch instant anti-reverse • Alloy Spool Spare graphite spool • Line of welcome ’round Capacity • Profiles of the line clip line: £ 15 – 270yds, £ 20 – up 220yds, £ 35 – 170yds 0.40mm – 0.50mm 250m – 200m 0.60mm – 170m srp £ 39.99 £ 99.99 Fishing Republic offreNote Video : 0/5

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