This is the complete DVD! WATCH IT ALL NOW IN HD WITH SUBTITLES LANGUAGE 6 x! Nash Tackle The revolution continues. In this fascinating and inspiring the film we look back to 2011 and Nash team of fishermen, fishing Their results and the methods to cope and Adopted They bring success. We take you on a journey tracing the success of some of the top anglers in the UK – Northern legend, Jamie Clossick, relives the story of his capture of Mr. Angry, the record of Lancashire, to 44 pounds 06 oz and Nick Burrage shows us how he Began to devastating Shropshire famous Mangrove Lake. Famous appointed and carp fishermen are not the only stars, Either. Throughout the movie, you will see the new and exciting range of tackle and bait for 2012 Nash tested, and we will follow the journey of a young employee of Nash Tackle, Mike Harding, the newcomer to carp fishing and coached by Kevin Nash, who will take carp to the singles of his dreams. Features exclusive videos of amazing £ 50 Jerry Hammond common, taken on the prototype Zig bugs. Nash 2012 – Educational, informative, inspiring – to watch not to be missed! Video Rating: 4/5

Video clip featuring the new FSX

MAD MAD indicator fantastic bite and put the tent FSX intelligent light. The clip is directed by the average expert carp fishing carp and carp Top Max, and Explains how this all works great bite alarm and what features it has. Departure for more informationsNote Video: 5/5