Winter Carp Boilies And Secret Expert Fishing Bait Tips To Help You Catch Many More Fish!

Winter Carp Boilies And Secret Expert Fishing Bait Tips To Help You Catch Many More Fish!

Article by Tim Richardson

Winter Carp Boilies And Secret Expert Fishing Bait Tips To Help You Catch Many More Fish! – Outdoors – Fishing

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You are probably expecting to find some kind of bait recommendations and tips you have read elsewhere but this is different! Terry Hearn in a recent Carp World magazine piece wrote about winter baits and carp digestion in such hilariously simplistic terms that this needs answering! So read on and discover vital things about bait that Terry Hearn obviously has yet to learn!

You might think that Terry Hearn is a bait design genius, but his magazine articles demonstrate this is not exactly the case! As a respected angler it is really bait application and time that in his case is harnessed to greater effect than the average angler that gets him his results.

Quoting the words of someone who knows him very well, it is his threshold for boredom that makes him stand out. Terry is also is a more or less a full time angler and this fact helps a massive amount too in catching elusive big fish that evade ordinary working week anglers. Part time anglers who are not in the fishing trade very often struggle in terms of applied time, bait and other valuable resources yet are constantly led to believe they can achieve the same results as full time anglers with all their competitive advantages!

Additionally like many other names you could mention who monopolise carp magazine pages every month, being a sponsored angler for pretty much everything you could possibly think of is another competitive edge among many others that Terry, and others like him enjoy!

There are keenly cultivated corporate fronts of fishing bait companies, and then in many cases there is a hidden alternative truth! I seek the truth because any less than that is meaningless and an insult to everyone passionate about maximizing their invaluable time spent fishing!

I wonder who actually designed the bait called The source as it was not designed by Terry Hear; appearances can be deceptive. I ponder the fact that the woman who caught Herman the giant common carp of Warmwell which at the time was the heaviest in the country actually caught it on a lobworm under a float, and not on a Nash readymade boilie despite their claims!

It might seem very peculiar, but despite being a bait company consultant, with free access to many products and boilies of many companies I am not a fan of any readymade boilies and this is with good reason! Well thought out homemade baits can be made far more potent than any profitable popular readymade bait available today!

This is why I carry on publicly telling this truth year after year. Indeed over the past 5 years there has been a very significant resurgence in big fish catches caught on unique homemade baits as a result!

It really is a huge shame that thousands more magazine advertorial-conditioned anglers have not discovered this truth yet!

Terry Hearn wrote recently in Carp World magazine about fish eating less food in winter time. He wrote that using less bait is best otherwise you will ruin your chances. He used an example of how his parents down his road appear to have fed their fish too much feed in winter and as a result of this have digestive and other problems.

The impression that he gives is that you should barely use any bait in winter at all otherwise fish will get clogged up as it were. In winter fishing this is obviously a situation which is not ideal when keeping fish feeding is your primary goal to maximise your chances!

However, you can use as much bait in winter as in summer at various times in winter and spring! But what bait and the substances it contains and how you apply it is critical, along with modes of action of your bait! How many eggs can you eat I wander? I ask this just to show you that the vast majority of readymade baits are primarily bound using eggs and just this one factor alone can be enough to satiate fish and dramatically reduce your catches.

Using eggs or egg albumin are totally the opposites of being ideal bait substances for maximum low water temperature feeding and catch optimization! (Just so you realise this point a little more, egg also contain digestion inhibitive factors!) If you happen to like eggs because they are a convenience then carry on enjoying wasting hours and hours in cold water conditions!

Now for some details about all this to clarify a few things about the simplistic Terry Hearn piece on winter carp bait digestion. First there is no really specific mention of what food is being given to the fish in the situation he refers to with his parents’ fish. The fact is that if a summer feed usually higher in oil are fed in winter this is not an ideal situation at all for carp.

Typically these simply do not contain thermogenic factors that will raise metabolism and maximise energy release in fish and maximise gut flora growth and gut villi growth to promote maximum absorbent area of the gut and maximise also gut flora enzyme activity essential in low water temperatures.

Terry also stated that the reason bird food baits are digested more easily in winter is because they are more soluble. But very contrary to this solubility does not necessarily equate to superior digestibility at all. The truth is that baits packed with easily absorbable 2 and 3 peptide chain rich substances can pass straight through the carp gut wall and be assimilated with the absolute minimum of energy used!

In winter the primary internal role of carp is to conserve energy! This means that baits which have long protein structures take the most energy of all foods to digest and assimilate.

You could rightly state that bird based food baits are more effective in terms of digestion simply because they are lower in protein and therefore take far less energy (and time too,) for fish to digest than conventional recipe higher protein baits! Just remember that in cold water temperatures fish will take far longer to digest a conventional design boilie which is higher in protein content compared to low protein bait.

The quicker a bait passes through fish particularly in low water temperatures, the most chances you will have to maximise your catches! I have carefully placed a few tips in my monthly Carp Food column piece in Crafty Carper magazine on low protein baits and aspects of semolina so look out for those!

In winter every single substance that comprises any particular bait which increases metabolism, speeds up digestion, and actually most maximises efficient release of cellular energy, will catch you potentially more fish than baits not optimised in multiple ways like this on multiple levels!

Winter bait success is not simply down to solubility and to state that solubility is the main factor is really misguided at best!

It still shocks and amazes me how many anglers still use their conventional warm water baits all year round without a second thought! Think about this for a moment! Why use baits not optimised and maximised for cold water conditions when carp enzyme activity and over all metabolism is at its lowest meaning you are wasting the majority of your time!

I might add that every single boilie on the planet is a flawed bait format when it comes to cold water and I aim this in particular at every single egg sealed readymade bait! There are far more effective bait formats which are better than egg sealed heated baits. In fact there are far superior baits that can be designed that will beat maggots and other live baits.

Maggots initially eject ammonia with other body fluids into cold water when initially introduced. But within a very short time this easily detected attraction is dissipated. Then all you are left with is minimal excretions and you are totally dependant upon how long maggots keep on moving before they stop.

Carp detect subtle vibrations in water and this is just one way they detect blood worm and zooplankton in their densest most energy efficient concentrations to eat!

Think about the fact that given the choice a carp will not bother wasting energy on a low concentration but will go straight for the high concentration especially if that happens to be as close as possible to them! What the message here is that if you use conventional egg sealed heated readymade boilies or maggots you are missing out and wasting a massive amount of time in winter not catching! This is compared to results you could be having using uniquely designed baits very specifically designed to react with water most and trigger feeding and metabolism at maximum levels.

Of course commercial bait makers do not want you to know that their boilies are not actually in fact truly optimised and maximised for maximum catch results in winter. No heated bait is actually truly optimised for maximum catches in low water temperatures! To state that any heated or cooked or steamed coagulated protein sealed bait is optimised for winter and is the optimal bait for cold water is a downright lie!

There are various more intriguing approaches to bait design and formulation that the homemade bait maker can exploit!

There is among others a very significant reason why carp readily filtration feed upon algae in winter and not on readymade boilies or pellets the majority of the time. Algae contain factors which thin the blood, and which lower harmful energy efficiency robbing cholesterol and speed up metabolism and cellular energy release on many diverse levels.

Algae offer far more than this but the point is this; carp evolved directly in response to the food most easily available within their environment. Carp are certainly not yet evolved to energy efficiently digest egg sealed heated readymade boilies!

As a little tiny tip I might add that in terms of protein digestion gut flora balancing and optimum activity are supremely important in so many ways and the food that gut flora comes into contact with will either be detrimental to it or will be beneficial to it. Now we are getting into ways to guarantee that carp actually do have improved capacity to feed repetitively on unique baits but certainly not as well on boiled or steamed readymade baits.

Gut flora break down proteins in the gut by enzymic activities. One product of protein breakdown by gut flora is butyric acid. Well here is news; butyric acid is a predominant food of gut flora in carp and in us humans. Wow, so butyric acid is not merely a flavour component or flavour, but actually feeds gut flora beneficially! So why is this tip so very significant you may well ask?

My point here is that cold water baits designed correctly to optimise feeding responses and achieve optimal digestion and most effective fish metabolisms in low water temperatures that result in getting most bites by definition include the stimulation and exploitation of gut flora. How many times have you read this in carp magazines I wonder? Sure many mentions of wheat germ for cold water baits get passed around second third and a hundred hand but the real significance of this is lost that is for sure!

In my experience fishing with maggots is not that much better either and especially when so many carp have been hooked previously on maggots!

You can rightly state that maggots as a method are definitely no better than egg sealed boilies as soon as the method is not totally new any longer and the moment the initial ammonia release and vibrational movements of maggots are gone! So what is superior you might well ask! Such secrets are not given for free! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

About the Author

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Tim Richardson

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I am wanting to buy a rod for big car fishing, but i want an all rounder rod, caus i want to go fishing in my nearby lake which has roach and such.

I was just wondering what would be the best reel to buy, ive heard shimano reels are good but which one would be best.

Also what would be the best rod to buy?

Overall i want a reel and rod which is pratical for all types of fishing and would be alright for big fish as well.


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1.) Shimano Baitrunner Spinning Reel ~

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Anything else?

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Tips Winter Carp fishing expert to help you easily improve your catch!

Winter Tips Carp fishing expert to help you easily improve your catch!

Article by Tim Richardson

Revealed here are some little secrets to get you started on the best fishing season you ever had! In this paper, carp fishing are some very special insights thoughts and experiences will help you see what catches your invisible blocks that you will not have realized existed! Focus your attention on the details revealed! Whether you are an experienced fisherman or a beginner, they will make a difference to your fishing for life

I assume you’re most likely thinking that this must be my year! I will finally succeed and really get into the big fish that I’ve always wanted! This type of thinking is exactly the mindset that you program to be successful in fishing and I’ll explain why it works and how to exploit it much further. You might wonder who you are talking about fishing success and all I can say is that this is for beginners in 2006, I decided to catch carp world record. Subsequently in 9 days fishing at Rainbow Lake, I hooked the fish in particular.

My preparations detailed technical design of bait, the bait very unusual applications and formats used and special attention given to each item of source material of choice for this mission and paid for everything But above all it was the constant state of mind and self talk that paid it reinforced my awareness and sensitivity to all that I could use in my own environment and past experiences of big fish and all concentrated toward my goal.

Winter and early spring are times when you simply need to be positive at all times and be at the forefront of your ability as fishermen, because of being on the lookout for warning under the mind whatever maximizes the chances may be available. But much more important is that breastfeeding with this mentality that you want sharpened actively proactively create your own unique opportunities and competitive edges capture! When you focus in too great detail on every aspect of your fishery challenge then that crystallizes everything at your disposal so it is easily accessible at your fingertips. There is a reason why men in top match practice as they do. Practice does not make perfect. The truth is that perfect practice makes perfect. I fished with and beat a guy who tied for the team in the UK Sea fishing, using tactics and strategies baiting techniques my carp fishing. I also beat a guy catch a few carp’s largest lake was very hard. This guy caught match for England in his youth and that, technically speaking, among the finest carp anglers that I have sinned against. I could fish it out with details adapted lessons from sea fishing and river fishing. Wondering how does this relate to your own carp fishing in winter, I think I’ll explain what I just described! What I did to beat these two fishermen obviously talented and experienced what to use my mind to focus intensely on anything that could be highly relevant that I have ever known , read, seen, invented, imagined, or intuition. This included his own fishing I’ve ever seen in the past and present, and my good feelings about everything regarding the current situation and challenges that this detail was fishing. The mental focus is really what Kevin Maddocks was referring when he writes about having a positive mental attitude of the winter when fishing. To be a strong carp angler does not have the latest equipment and bait, but to refine your shaper mind than anyone else! This is what Richard Walker did, and one of the things that made Rod Hutchinson stands and what made so many pioneers very large carp fishing so Thurs. In fact so many of them were so strong that other fishermen thought they were crazy, and Duncan Kay is a perfect example of a great angler and bait technology pioneer that also really had the vision and, therefore in the seventies, he was well ahead of the crowd! The modern fishermen today have essentially lost the power of the creative spirit that ensures a great success. This is because most fishermen are simply following the herd to an enormous degree, and the copy of that bait in fashion and the methods are the last to be announced or talked about in magazines carp. I hope you can see how limiting it is to success! For a start, using the same bait readymade like everyone else means that you just lost any competitive advantage over them. But the whole point of bait is to be on the board, not just on carp cautious, but obviously most other fishermen too. When other fishermen catch your target fish on exactly the same readymade bait that you use to think how much it reduces your chances own! I recommend using the winter and spring seriously re-evaluate everything you’re thinking about your carp fishing. You have many blocks to your success that are actually caused by your own limited time and reflection. Carp are dynamically evolving creatures and every one is constantly changing from day to day individually genetically, just like you! I bet you did not know for example that your genetics are not set, the connector and you are genetically in response to the food you eat! I hope this makes you think!There is no perfect diet

! This is because each individual is unique in their genetic background and details from this dynamic experience and each individual has past and present. This applies to humans and carp also. For example, with a bait of bloodworm exact match to the amino acid profile can be invented which is in a format that fools physically carp. However, once is enough carp are hooked on it enough times, they will change, even to the point of totally avoid eating bloodworm.

Carp have evolved not to be extremely sensitive to potential opportunities simply for energy and nutrition, but for the threats and dangers of the latter. Not many fishermen realize that the actual and specific bait they use directly the danger carp condition that is associated. This is a big reason I avoid using bait ready! I make my own bait boilies design house of my own recipes using mostly ingredients that are not used in baits ready! It needs a thorough and visualization to help do that and I do a lot of fishermen achieve this much success. I do it because it works and because my greatest satisfaction is to know my experiences are empowering other fishermen to catch their dream fish! It surprised me to discover that in fact do much more satisfying than the peaks of the capture of all records from lakes and personal best fish I have in the past 35 years! These are fleeting moments of ecstasy that is personal catch for sure, but these memories and feelings fade like photographs over time. But reports from fishermen to catch you helped to get new records using bait house on their water craft to beat readymade baits examined as bait, Richworth, Mainline and so on, feels so great!To return to what you can control most of all your fishing, and positively to creating your own success detailed guaranteed in advance

The only place where you can actually do for practice Whether perfect fishing to win an international match, or catch the biggest carp in your lake is ideal to continue to practice in your own mind! This is something that I feel that Terry Hearn, for example, spends much of his time to do much more than the average fisherman. This involves anything from the site and fish behavior and feeding spots and how they change over time in a lake, to view exactly how your target fish into the bath, how they respond to bait samples and the presence of fishing gear and bait on the bottom.

You can get a better, stronger and much more detail in your viewing of fishery at any time and anywhere, not just in your camp! You can view information deeply at home while making bait house, during the formation and platforms while taking valuable hours manually sharpen your fangs far beyond the fineness of all chemically sharpened hooks! Very few articles have already been on the mental side of fishing and yet I do this for the simple reason, every action you take to fishing is the result of your mind and your thoughts and therefore your degree success is entirely in your own mind! perfect visualization of practice exactly the purpose you have in mind Hones your consciousness and your consciousness opens to everything you need to improve and refine more and more until you succeed , while the success is really really literally become simply a matter of time! Visualization is the perfect practice the most powerful thing you can do in your fishing permanently so I recommend you think! Revealed in my bait and unique readymade carp baits house catfish bait secrets ebooks and information is much more powerful look at my unique site (Baitbigfish) and see my bio below for details of my ebooks deals right now ! By Tim Richardson.
Now improve your catches for life with these ready-made worldwide proven and expert bait house of secrets bibles: big carp FLAVORS FOOD AND TRIGGERS SECRETS CARP SENSES EXPLOITATION! Big carp and CATFISH BAIT SECRETS! Great secrets of carp and BAIT! NOW VISIT: EXPERT BAIT SECRETS


help with carp fishing please?

Question by kane: help with carp fishing please?
hello i am 16 years old and have been fishing for a few years on and off and recently started going for carp, so i went in august and caught a 10 pound mirror carp. so what i want to know is what is the best bait for catching carp and what is the best method when i went i used a maggot and was float fishing but i think it was fluke as we were throwing in all our bait as it was the end of the day.
sorry that it is so long
but um yeah just tell me what i need to know

oh and also i have a 12 foot rod and a decent reel but i can not cast it what so ever it goes like 12 foot if that .
it is weighted properly but i just cant get it anywhere why is this ?

it isnt me i dont think as i can cast every one elses lines way out into the lake thanks oh and i dont know if it makes any diffrent where you fish but i live in the uk

also could soe one reccomend a site with cheap tackle etc i need :
rod rest
seat boxes
bite alarms etc

thank you i have a really tight budget as well

ill give 10 points for best answer :)
hello and dont worry there is a place called aldenham park resovoir ive been atleast 10 times and catch some nice big ones heres the link to a few

its really good but it depends how far your willing to go

hope this helped

Best answer:

Answer by help
sorry to ask another question but i live in hertfordshire (UK) and want to start fishing. do you know any nearby coaches

Give your answer to this question below!