Homemade Carp Bait Making For Beginners And Experienced Anglers Secrets Of Semolina Part 2!

Homemade Carp Bait Making For Beginners And Experienced Anglers Secrets Of Semolina Part 2!

Article by Tim Richardson

Homemade Carp Bait Making For Beginners And Experienced Anglers Secrets Of Semolina Part 2! – Outdoors – Fishing

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For more information on making beginner homemade carp baits and more advanced far more potent baits of the kind that excel very many commercial baits in design and function, read on now and take advantage of this free information. Semolina is used in winter and summer baits and is possibly the most used carp bait ingredient world wide; so find out finer details of its benefits and drawbacks too and improve your bait performance and your catches now!

White soft wheat flour differs from durum wheat semolina in that semolina is low in gluten which gives white wheat flour its stickiness and gluey binding abilities. Semolina is a hard grade and form of wheat which is coarser ground in general compared to fine white flour. It is very commonly used to bind and firm and harden boilie and paste recipes cheaply. Semolina is around 84 to 86 percent carbohydrate, 1 to 2 percent fat, and about 12 percent protein.

Durum in Latin means hard and durum wheat is the hardest of wheat species so is useful for this functional property alongside its binding properties. In mixing durum wheat and soft wheats higher in gluten, with yeast, water, sugar, salt, and oil, breads are made which in many ways (and in paste and ground bait forms) have proven to be effective stimulants and attractors of carp through the centuries.

Many more serious carp bait enthusiasts want to know what nutritional value semolina has too, but over all semolina is a functional element far more than a nutritionally helpful one in terms of delivering those all important vital feeding triggers etc! Many beginners in homemade bait making come across the carbohydrate-rich 50:50 semolina and soya flour recipe and start with that.

But actually looking back knowing what I know today I would not use this at all as it is a massive waste of time compared to far more bioactively potent approaches that even beginner can start out with! I particularly aim this statement at intensely pressured carp waters. Few big carp fisheries are not under continuously intensive angling pressure these days!

Carp are extremely selective, not just from nutritional needs and supplies within baits, but in terms of actual bait taste specifities and many other factors including being very vary when confronted with too familiar sensations. This is one reason that on many wary carp waters fish will actively avoid feeding on newly-introduced readymade boilies! I avoid heated conventional readymade boilies; having to wait for baits to wash out before getting bites is a sure sign these baits are very seriously flawed! Why start out with a seriously under-optimised bait when you can start out with very alternative Rolls Royce homemade baits immediately?

If economy is your goal consider this point; sure carp can be seen as requiring carbohydrates, for one thing to prevent expensive proteins in baits from being catabolised from body tissues for instance. There is great evidence to show that humans are designed to feed, and then self-catabolise. All the evidence shows that this is just the same as with carp and that this is normal, and not simply a matter of breaking down body tissues for basic vital cellular, metabolism etc energy in times of food scarcity as seasonal and environmental conditions change.

Far from making the cheapest baits possible for instance using semolina and soya flour truly massively under-optimised bait I’d far rather make homemade baits as optimised as possible for triggering actual feeding response. I totally recommend totally avoiding bulking out bait recipes with carbohydrates which will drastically reduce bait potency and intensity of impacts upon fish receptors vital to triggering maximised feeding responses on multiple levels!

Heat-coagulated egg albumins drastically minimize water entry inside boilies. Yet optimised water ingress and potent solution flow outwards into the water column is the vital process which turns bait substances to solution so they can be carried outside of baits in a concentration gradient that carp home in on in a maximum pre-stimulated bio-physical state! Having created ways to make resilient baits without eggs I can truly state they are redundant to me!

There are lakes where the majority of anglers are still using semolina-based very carbohydrate-rich baits where fish are dependant on these as their main food source. But carbohydrates will predominantly be turned to sugars within the body. Just question how healthy this; carp are evolved to best utilise protein-rich diets for balanced health and not high carbohydrate diets!

It will do you and in fact literally anyone lots of great benefits in terms of ongoing personal health to do some research. Look into glutens, lectins, triploid modern wheat, artificial selection of Emmer wheat, wheat nutritional deficiency increases, and agglutination of blood etc on the negative health impacts of high wheat carbohydrate diets!

Semolina is best fresh as possible as the bioactive potency of its nutritional components will be of optimum value to fish and will ensure bait palatability is not reduced. Semolina in baits designed for different fishing conditions and temperatures during the changing seasons is significant.

For instance you might suggest that full fat more yellow semolina is best for periods such as the autumn when fish have a high demand for carbohydrates and highly energy-efficient lipids etc. Also fish will have more carbohydrate and lipid demands in the periods before, during and post-spawning. When designing a recipe whether simple or complex, semolina has very useful features, characteristic properties and features that make it hard to ignore!

For colder water baits particularly very low temperatures anything which reduces energy demand during digestion is essential to keeping fish feeding so you get more bites so lower protein baits are fine! Semolina is useful in winter baits in terms of being a carrier for substances delivering stimulants (in baits preferably optimised for digestion.) Semolina is useful for giving carp less protein in baits to digest so they actually feed more before possibly being satiated!

There is so much more to this however, especially when designing your own homemade baits purposely designed to be maximised in nutritional stimulation and truly optimised for practical function to out fish even the most popular readymade boilies. In fact out fishing popular readymade boilies with such bait is very easy indeed and an aspect of bait making I really want to help people to be confident in. Hundreds and hundreds of my ebooks series readers are beating the dominant readymade baits on their lakes and I know their recipes are not necessarily complex, but are truly maximised and optimised using my information giving them characteristics and features, modes of action and other vital aspects that make them outstanding!

I much prefer using soft whole meal wheat flour which is very water soluble compared to semolina, and superior in my experience for cold water bait recipes particularly. Protein digestion takes a heavy toll on energy in cold weather especially. This can seriously reduce feeding repetitiveness, duration and frequency so consider this, after all the primary purpose of your baits is to maximise numbers of opportunities for bites to occur!

Just like eggs, semolina is one of the most commonly used bait ingredients that can act as a danger reference point, which is why personally I avoid both these in making my homemade baits! Other options work far better especially for big old very wary rarely caught carp of the kind most anglers dream of catching! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

About the Author

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Tim Richardson

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Homemade Carp Bait Making For Beginners And Experienced Anglers Secrets Of Semolina Part 1!

Homemade Carp Bait Making For Beginners And Experienced Anglers Secrets Of Semolina Part 1!

Article by Tim Richardson

If you are a carp fishing beginner or an experienced bait maker you can always learn something that will make a huge difference to your success! Semolina is one of the most used carp bait ingredients in recipes but why is this? Semolina carbohydrates are utilised for energy, and other roles and nutritional functions too! Semolina is one of the basics of carp baits so find out deeper details on what it is, how it is best used and why carp like it!

It is my assumption that besides eggs and many other common kitchen and cooking foods that pioneering bait makers tried in their carp baits, that semolina was something people tried and found in the beginning to be functionally useful. Semolina is certainly a carrier substance which means it can be exploited in boilies and other baits by utilising its capacity to absorb any of many diverse liquids.

Winter or in fact any other time of year is great for semolina as it is such an invaluable carrier for whatever stimulating liquids within your baits plus it helps makes bait more economical!

Just add boiling water to semolina powder and you will notice how this reacts with the gluten, lectin, starches etc in it making it bind together. When it cools you can take out a tasty solid mass which was once a flowing granular powder! I’m sure like me, many homemade bait makers notice this property and utilise this property! Of course anyone who has ever added sugar or strawberry jam or maple syrup, or cinnamon to their semolina knows how useful semolina is as a carrier for more palatable substances which make you eat more!

Semolina is as its simplest a functional binding bulking ingredient not merely for boilies or pastes but a myriad of ground bait formats and other baits too. Its use as a cheap, economical binder means it has been a mainstay in carp baits for decades. I do wander why semolina has been used like this as opposed to other carbohydrate binders and starch and other energy sources and I have some personal suggestions having used both hard and soft forms of wheat flours and meals for decades.

Other commonly sources used popularly at various times and in various countries are ordinary and whole meal wheat flour, layers mash and other wheat-rich crushed grain and seed bird and pet feeds, maize and maize meal, soya flours and soya meals, peanut flours and other nut meals, and tiger nut flours and meals rice flour, potato flour, corn starch, custard powder, Lamlac, Vitamealo and other energy-rich lower protein milk powders. Also: polenta, farina, potato starch, cracked maize or grits, and other starches and also sugar-rich sources, and modern sources include vanilla extract powder and CC Moore’s CLO, Meggablends etc.

In terms of nutrition, proteins have been presented as the most important factor in making carp baits. There is a massive difference between making baits that fulfill a range of essential nutritional requirements, compared to baits which are truly optimised to trigger fish feeding! All you have to do is look at the ingredients lists of premium grade koi fish foods and aquaculture feeds to realise such foods are not truly optimised to make fish feed as these are compromises of fish feed-triggering and essential nutritional requirements supply.

Baits certainly do not have to contain essential nutritional elements to trigger excellent fish feeding! This is comes as a relief to people worried about the complexities of amino acids, peptides and optimising actions of carp digestive enzymes etc and you can certainly make baits without proteins and out fish protein baits, this is even if they are enzyme-active or optimised for digestion.

Carbohydrates as found in wheat flours including hard durum wheat flour (semolina) in the past used to be considered part of inferior baits, even as so called crap baits as their convertible nutritional value and also feed-trigger density are lower compared to other ingredients which are far more potent in those properties and characteristics, yet carbohydrates are vital to carp!

Not only this but so-called crap baits of low nutritional value have caught literally millions of carp including many lake records and even a big 60 plus lake record from Rainbow Lake in the past! Even extremely popular circuit waters have been torn apart by semolina carbohydrate baits, including the capture of most of the big fish in Darenth big Lake when over a ton of such baits was used in one season to my certain knowledge!

Carbohydrates have extremely valuable health and roles internally. Many ways that essential proteins such as essential and semi-essential amino acids are utilised within the body involves the formation of critical substances which are formed from the combining of carbohydrate molecules and amino acids, including such things as protective fish slime and protective mucus that is secreted over the eyes and receptor sites such as in the nasal cavities. It is such linings that ensure that fish do not immediately dry out and are critically damaged when you remove them from water upon capture!

I guess you can appreciate now how much more important it is to keep fish in the cool and shaded and provided with water to keep them moist when out of water, most especially in the heat of summer and also in windy conditions too!

I guess the reason that semolina became more popular (in boiled paste boilies) than soft wheat flour, was that apart from its binding qualities in baits, hard durum wheat flour (semolina) is also a bait hardener, not instantly water-soluble and is practically a substance that makes sticky bait recipes more able to be rolled into balls in rolling table and easily extruded by machine etc without problematic sticking.

Semolina makes baits firmer and more resilient that ordinary fine soft wheat flour. But now everyone knows that hardness does not stop so-called pest species consuming the hardest of baits anyway! Personally for homemade pastes I prefer soft soluble wheat flour not semolina, but certainly for those wishing to roll boilies it is a practical ingredient.

In my experience there is absolutely nothing at all negative about softer baits especially using more water-soluble binding substances like ordinary wheat flour or genuine whole meal wheat flour! I have caught numbers of bigger carp using soft wheat flour in my baits and not semolina, and it’s also a valuable part of my ground baits of many formats too! Semolina is not as soluble and not as energy-efficiently digested by carp.

Soft wheat flour is also much less used so that is another great edge and let’s not forget that bread used in stick mixes etc is made from soft high gluten very soluble fine soft wheat flour! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

Now improve your catches for life with these world-wide proven expert readymade and homemade bait secrets bibles: BIG CARP FLAVOURS FEEDING TRIGGERS AND CARP SENSES EXPLOITATION SECRETS! BIG CARP AND CATFISH BAIT SECRETS! And BIG CARP BAIT SECRETS! NOW VISIT: EXPERT HOMEMADE BAITS