Q&A: A few questions about koi carp?

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Question by Nacho-Nick: A few questions about koi carp?
I am about to buy a house with a pond full of koi carp. I thought koi and carp were two seperate species of fish? Can these be eaten? I hear the koi arent very nice as they are bottom feeders but the carp can be eaten. Any tips to improve the taste of pond carp? Do I just place them in spring water or filtered and declhorined tap water for a couple of days prior to eating? I probably wont eat them but would like to know a few do’s and dont’s when it comes to keeping this type of fish. Can I feed them dinner scraps or just fish food pellets? Should I put a pond pump in place? I have a solar powered pond pump lurking in the shed. Should I cover the pond with netting to keep out prey? From reading it seems herons, kingfishers and rats are the problem. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated


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Answer by jay jay
Koi are carp… but not all Carp or Koi.

Your pond is most likely stocked with Koi, Human consumption is theoretically possible, but you shouldnt.

You should feed them Koi pellets, high protein for the summer and wheatgerm for the winter ( do not feed them human food)

Pond filter and air pump is essential especially if its a over stocked pond

cover the pond with netting to keep out predators is a good idea yes

When the ice freezes over, melt the nice dont break it.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: A few questions about koi carp?
  1. Basically, all goldfish are carp
    Koi are incredibly beautiful, Massive fish that can easily live 40+ years
    I’ve never known anyone to eat a koi, but that doesn’t mean some people Don’t
    I wouldn’t suggest it though since you never know if the former owners have treated the pond with anything. You certainly don’t want to eat anything that may have been treated with a medication
    Pellets designed for pond fish are just fine. Nope, no dinner scraps
    If the pond doesn’t already have a pump, then yes, you should put one in
    You can definitely cover the pond with a netting if you’re worried about herons, raccoons etc

  2. Koi are carp fish. They are the same family. The carp family consists of goldfish and koi. Let water age for 24 hours, then add dechlorinator. Please do not eat them, first of all, they are for enjoyment, second of all, they will taste gross. yes, cover it with netting. PLease don’t eat them. :(

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