Q & A: UK fishermen – fishing Explain to us?

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Question of Chadd : UK fishermen – fishing Explain to us This question goes to the UK fisherman or someone intimately familiar with fishing in the UK and in Europe. Recent Question James W …… And some other questions about the UK in recent gear and techniques, like this one … Have … I was really curious about the different ways you Go Fishing Brit. Izaak Walton and JR Hartley are prophets to me and I revere the UK, because it is generated rally held that modern fly fishing has come down from there, but I understand that the most wave of what you guys call still fishing, sport fishing, carp fishing, fishing float, the private club, how fishing can work for you, very long poles, feeders, etc., etc. For example, you politely call a carp ‘fish’, but you seem to distinguish between “carp fishing” and “coarse fishing.” If someone could explain briefly but clearly the different types of fishing in the United Kingdom and any other interesting information that might help understand a Yank, I’d be happy to give you 10 points.Meilleure response: Answer

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  1. Okay coarse fishing is for almost all the species of fish in fresh water apart from Salmon,all the species of Trout and grayling these go under sport or game fishing.The clubs have bought stretches of river and have the permission from farmers to use their land to access and walk along the river so you first need to buy a fishing license and then you find out what river you want to fish and buy a permit for either a day,year and sometimes 5 years from which ever club owns the stretch of river this gives you the right to use the farmers land sometimes a club has only one side bank fishing this is because people who own land on the other side of the river will not give permission to the club or they want to much money from the club.We have two types of fishing license the cheaper one covers you for coarse fish brown trout and eels it is around £25 and our other license covers us for all fish including Salmon and Seatrout they come up the river to spawn it costs about £68 so quite expensive.Float fishing is mostly used for course fishing but some rivers very few allow us to shrimp for salmon using a float you call them bobbers.Poles are silly things used mostly on stocked lakes they have elastic tied to the end of a long pole which can be broke down in to sections do a youtube search.

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