Q & A: Free Recipes fishing bait?

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Question asked by Carrie s : Free Recipes bait Looking for recipes for good fishing bait that can be done at home. Websites or book titles are popular. Looking to catch some good catfish, carp, and basse.Meilleure response: Response

extremecoracler Buy a can of cat food as
kit kat e. Mix with breadcrumbs pure bait purchased from a fishing tackle Roundball shop.Big molded hook.Say 1 inch diameter ball. No float or drive needed.Just out.Weight throw the ball it takes to research fish spot.Put rest your rod on a reel with open arms bullet.

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Angling by Trevor Johnson - December 26 - Milton Keynes Citizen
Milton Keynes CitizenAngling by Trevor Johnson - December 26Milton Keynes CitizenHe was stuffing the small rubbery cups (designed to grip 8mm pellets) with paste, his theory being the technique allows chub to smell and taste bait without being able to suck it off the hook. “I gave a spot, where I'd already had a fish, another go ...
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  1. Hi Mate, Get some cotton wool and gently break it apart but not totally apart, and lay it in a container. Get some worms and mush them up, in another container. mix up some dough from flour and water then combine all together. The dough will absorb the mushed up worms and liquid and the cotton wool will then mix in with all of it and give you a bait that will not only give off the right smell and oil trace, but will also stay on the hook for a lenghty time, even after a fish has had a go at it. You can use the same mix but change it to a can of cat food for salt water but make sure the cat food is tuna in oil or pilchard in oil. Happy Fishing,

  2. take a box of wheaties,add enough strawberry soda(I use crush) to form a dough that will hold a ball shape when squeezed in your hand,and pack a zipper bag with this for carp.take chicken livers and leave them out so they get smelly then wear gloves and pack a zipper bag with them for catfish,and get worms and chop them up and fill up ankle high nylons with them and tie off the nylon sock trim off the extra sock after the knotted part, then pierce the sock with your hook for bass.make sure the point is exposed and not tangled in the nylon sock,this will catch catfish too.(You should wear gloves doing this so you can keep your hands cleaner.)when this smell gets spread in the water they will come to it,and gobble it up.

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