Psoriasis Eaters! The history of psoriasis your doctor Can Eat Fish

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Psoriasis -Eaters! The history of psoriasis your doctor Can Eat Fish Article by Paul Plucker

What are these fish and what is “fish therapy psoriasis”

The scientific name for these amazing silver fish is Garra Rufa. Some just call suckers or sucker mouths themreddish newspapers, but many are a little more loving, calling them “fish doctor” because of their therapeutic effect on skin conditions like psoriasis examined, eczema and neuro-dermatitis. At first glance such a fish does not seem very remarkable Thurs, but they do a better job that half of the dermatologists I went to “fish doctor” is a freshwater fish belonging to the Cyprinidae family (older brothers are carp) and normally inhabit the river basin of the Tigris-Euphrates in the Middle East. They have a toothless mouth crescent-shaped and usually grow to about 12cm in length. Garra Rufa fish normally eat algae, detritus, zooplankton and other bits-and-pieces on the seafloor. However, under good conditions, they also feed on dead skin and nasty. That is why they are absolutely perfect for psoriasis. Using fish to gnaw your psoriasis? For people with normal skin

, Garra Rufa are used to heavy exfoliation or a great pedicure, but for people with psoriasis, they can say much more than that. plaques that are characteristic of psoriasis are as banquet tables for these voracious fish! They love to feast on the skin after death and they are full, there is room for a new healthy skin to grow.

Good Apptit little fish Treatment Garra Rufa Fish became popular around the outdoor hot springs of two small towns of Kangal and Sivas Turkey called, where the pools have First opened to the public in 1963. The high temperature water means that there is virtually no micro-organisms for the fish to eat, so they go to the next best thing – dead , crusty, scabby skin! After the skin has been softened by the warm thermal waters, which are kept in 35C / 95F, they have no problem chewing it off Does it hurt? The feeling of the fish is slightly delicate nibbling, as have thousands of miniature sheets suction on your skin, and has actually been compared to a pleasant micro massage. Once you enter in hundreds of dogs Garra Rufa will swarm around your whole body to try to find that in most savory snacks, the psoriatic plaque The processing of applications for Kangal you spend eight hours a day for a period of 21 days in the pool so they can guarantee two things, your skin is more wrinkled than a handbag leather old, but so perfect However, this is not a permanent cure. Many people in remission or the temporary disappearance of their psoriasis can charge anywhere from a few months to a year, but sooner or later, you will need to feed the fish again. This sounds pretty fish. What are the risks? The idea of ​​slipping inside a swimming pool with fish swimming from person to person, sucking the skin here and there may be a little disconcerting. Fish can be difficult to disinfect Themselves, and 14 states in America, including Washington, New Hampshire and Texas, have banned. However, the majority did not, and they are legal in UK. Many spas treat water with Violet Sterilizers Ultral to kill bacteria, and have a complex system of filtration to keep water free from fish waste and food. The chance of an infection transmitted by the fish is very low. The real danger is that some spas have been using cheap fish Chin Chin instead of the real Garra Rufa. The scientific name for these is the tilapia, and they are sometimes called Kiss Kiss fish, but beware, they are not content with a little peck on the lips! Chin Chin fish are reared from Chengdu, in China and sold to uninformed people that Doctor fish. The difference is that they have teeth! When they grow beyond 6 inches, these teeth can be large and sharp enough to actually pierce the skin and cause bleeding! Look at the fish before jumping in or dip your toes. Is there evidence in support of scientific research or therapy or fish Ichthyotherapy works for psoriasis While this fish has not been completely verified treatment, a study worthy of trust can be found in Volume 3 of the Oxford Journal, Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The study findings were that therapy using Garra Rufa fish “could provide a viable option for patients with psoriasis vulgaris treatment. ” The photo on the right was taken in the study to demonstrate the results of trer Doctor Fish therapy on three different patients after 3 weeks. The study also noted that

the success of Doctor Fish in the treatment of psoriasis could be reduced to a combination of the following:

– The Kangal spa is located at a high altitude of 1650 meters. This means that there are many radiation ultraviolet of natural sunlight, which acts as phototherapy and is proven to help psoriasis -. Thermal springs have a particular chemical composition, with high levels of selenium.

removing lesions Skin by fish scales and contributes to the penetration of UV rays in the dermis

– Selenium deficiency has been linked to psoriasis, then this might be useful .. – The fish of the day and micro-massage combined with fish can help reduce stress and increase emotional well-being. Since the silent treatment is relatively unknown, it is best to speak to a certified dermatologist before making a decision. It could not right for some, but for other fish processing worked wonders for psoriasis. div

Click here to read our psoriasis free for life review . If you are interested in learning more about what these fish Nibbly can do for psoriasis, so read our guide on Dr Psoriasis Fish .


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