Issues of environmental science help?

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Question : Issues in environmental science help The First Intergrated pest management (IPM) could be encouraged by all of the following strategies, saufa) the establishment by the federal government support demonstration projects of integrated pest management in each comté.b) adding a sales tax on pesticides to fund IPM research and education. c) staff training in the field of USDA and county agricultural agents, they can help farmers with the Sun stratégie.d) the phasing out of subsidies to farmers who depend mainly pesticides.e) Provide federal or state subsidies for farmers that IPM us. Fish farming is useful second Poura) the carpeb) of saumonc) the tilapiad) the touladie) thonTroisième benefits of aquaculture Sonta) high yields per unit surfaceb) using less fuel than fishing methods traditionnellesc ) creating emploisd) all these réponsese) none of these réponses4e Malathion and parathion are examples dea) insecticides systémiquesb) pyrethriodsc) chlorésd hydrocarbons) compounds organophosphorése) plantes5e The type of agriculture with solar energy supplementation of human labor and draft animals estl’agriculture planting a) b) intensive agriculture traditionnellec) subsistence farming traditionnelled) Agriculture industrialiséee) the minimum working agricultureMeilleure response: Answer by

1.d2.b3.d4.d5.Do not know it

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