Is it possible to be a monopolist TACKLE?!?

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Question ?!? Is it possible to be a monopolist TACKLE Is it even possible to have too? Well the reason I ask is because my family is all like .. “Dude, all you ever do is look at your trash!. You make me their nerverous when your rubbing these hooks “And I tell em,” Dude … I try to put this stuff in my new box, “And if I” friction “between them, then it is sharpen the old ones. Or as washing after I am done with … BalboaIls also say “You have, as 15 of the same lure! I saw 25 of those little fish-ball draws” And I’m like “they are different colors for specific situations, and I need lots of parts spare in case I ever lose em “. I keep em in boxes in my closet, I do not even have that many parts, I keep an extra, like 10 some things (especially mid-water lures) that I had abunch of jerkbaits especially (but I get a lot for sure I have the em I bought for the price) attracts arent cheap you know … and that’s another thing, “Every bit of money you get you spend on this junk!” I do not spend all my money on it … I do not get a lot you know, I pass on what I can cope. Becuase I want to have spare parts … And a good range of lures différents.Qui can have too many lures? The truth is I only have one tackle box, I tell em “most guys have boxes for any specific fishing” which means a crankbait box box box softeh a topwater etc.. I have a box for all my stuff, it’s a part 3 and it is obvious he has a bottom tray. I keep all the topwaters on the top shelf, and some carriers worm proof plastic so I can fit em out there without melting the plastic, they are already rigged, so that in my rack and rack spinner buzzbaitLa middle section oversaw all divers and shallow lures my mid-depth. (No edge cranks cranks jerkbaits, cranks floating articulated grasshopper rap and some other stuff “And the bottom tray is my thing and the bottom deep (diving depth cranks articulated shad rap for a maximum of 13 feet, casting spoons , jigs and spinners Prop. my online mangler mangler and spoons) I have a little thing on the side of the box with the space of three evenly spaced on the lower plate, he has my tools (pliers, a small pair of scissors, hook plates and trays) EnfinAu Basically, I have my waterproof case worm rigged with some lines and stuff, and some extras unrigged, Swimbaits my sweet and my floats. I have a small box dressing to keep my rubber jigs, and another box on top with bandages and stuff real (Jonson jhonson little mini first aid kit) a little cardboard thing that I did to keep my large floats. A box with my countdowns rap believed extra jitter below the box and dressing. And on the side of those that I put a small bag with my dough carpe.Opinions well? Thanks guys, I’ll add a photo later if I voulez.Suis a Hoarder? Do I have too many things? (I doubt it) Am I obsessed with fishing? (Well, I hope!) Thus, in the fabric , etcJ’ai had a pair of fishing gloves from a fishing calendar, and I have 3 rod / reel setups (ULM 1, 1 med, a med / heavy) and … Well not much more than that aside boxes of spare closet (small) I have in mon.Average JoeDroit? And I agree with you dude, seriously. I guess that’s the way people who do not fish show. They do not mind me fishing … But they assume that I have too much junk. Many people have a different configuration and a box for each speceis they fish, and then some more. They have a room filled with this kind of gives me abit choses.TCMerci enthusiasm, although I can only hope! MotocrossDroit! O-InjunUn oGMBShortn sweet toast to fight against “The fish eat my lures for breakfast … And then I need some Exess. When I’m running to I can to to BassPro, but theres spaces Allways in my box. “” Ding Dong “” When I’m done for the day I will right at home, than to hear that I have toooo MUCH!. Well, I’ll tell you one thing I am sick and tired of this, which can never tell them … About their collection makeup, which on their creams and remember the golden eyelashes powdas. That’s how mothers and sisters are allways. Well, you should know that my father is a guy very Bounded I’m not saying he hates fish but it dosent you love the stuff, do MAISJe “I know he sucked …. But that’s all I could come with in 2 minutes .. If she should be read, I guess something like the way they do in the movie Nightmare Before Christmas thing. I know … I’m a 4 year old too, and I love every minute! Thank you guys for all of avisJe’m especially fond of countdown Rapala … Maybe not too much, but I like old Rapala countdowns do not know why … I can not stop buying them, every time I see a lot of old timers for certain I buy em if I love them. I think the CD-11 will do well if I ever fish for Chinook. I think apart from spinnerbaits … They are my favorite lure ! I can not decide what to put in the empty spaces covered … Most topwater will be covered once I buy a pair (a natural appeal) of each element suivantsChenilles (Heddon crazy Crawler) Stick Baits (Zara Spook Jr) Prop bait (prop lock smith devil horse version) I want to have at least two of each decoy base. well … In the box in my closet I can stuff it allways more rooms replacement. HahMerci ErikGrande hear a comment from you, yeah I’ll keep him (jeez this post is getting looong) O-oun kMerci, do not worry, I will not go too far on specific types (such as a million different crankbaits, just the basic medium depth those shallow and deep) The only thing they tell me is how I’m still spending money … And what I think too many of a decoy. Do not worry though. I’ll get a good collection of things thereafter (just gotta figure out what to complete the final blanks with) anyone has any ideas? I will soon add that a vid .. I can literally everything I can with video, is dead right now (phone, camera, everything), I have to load em … By the way I never said I was a Hoarder (my family did) I want as much as I can spare, and I want a good range of things to fill my box. That’s all I really want for now to fill this box . One day maybe when I’m better … I’ll have 3-5 boxes, same format but with different brands and versions of the basic lures (like how spinnerbait has more variation, spinners and Online trout spinners, etc.) you know what I mean right? This will take some time … But I’ll work on it, wish me luck garsOh by the way happy New Years Eve … a little May the new year brings some impressive fishing (fishing in the second year for me) I hope I do well, I hope you guys have a great new year of fishin too! Sorry, this is a pain to read! This is my longest ENCORELincoln issue .. How rude sir Jk … more tardMeilleure response: Response

Did not feel like reading all this, but nothing like tackling Hoarder! Collect as much as you can, you never know when you might want to dust off and use it .. Em to Sell garage sale or something if you want

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10 thoughts on “Is it possible to be a monopolist TACKLE?!?
  1. Well it sounds like a case of “hooked on fishing”, I can relate, as I aged I managed to get a handle on most of my stuff and refine it to a meaningfull, manageable level,,, OK I’ll be honest, the kids are out of college so I kinda use one of the bedrooms for my hunting and fishing stuff. But hey, I enjoy it and I do my best to share and pass it along to younger guys. Your family and friends will come to understand.

  2. Addiction… way…….Problems with obsessive disorders….no way and a big heck NO to being a Horder! A fisher could never have enough gear and tackle……EVER!

    Lets say for arguments sake if one could have enough …”haha”…why do they continue to make more every year?Why are there so many types of tackle boxes?Why are there so many different rod and reels…..let alone types and sizes of fishing line….gads!!Ok,ok hook sizes come on now U need a new rod for every type of hook size and my god man look at the different types and sizes of line to match up for each fish,hook,rig and so on…!Why tie a new hook when you could have several rods ready and waiting for you?Why change lures?

    I will never agree with my family or my….several psychiatrist over this as they say, “problems with over indulgence and obsessive compulsive impulse to buy more fishing gear”!I have only 100 or so rod and reel combos and have yet to finish collecting all the correct stuff….stuff…..yeah thats it stuff we need more STUFF!


  3. is that all??
    not to worry. you’re definitely not a hoarder. looks to me like you’ve got barely enough for a good weekend warrior!
    l’ve been working my stuff DOWN for the last year, selling stuff at swapmeets, etc. the most of what l’ve seen gone was in my antiques. the rest of the stuff barely has a dent in it. at least the stuff l THINK l MAY use one of these days.
    you only have ONE each of 25 crankbaits? MAN!! l have at least TWO spares of all of mine (no idea how many… but at least an UMCO hip-roof box full) in case l lose the one l’m fishing with.
    remember – they are going to discontinue some of your favorite colors. Norman did it to me, Heddon Zara Spooks did it, Yamamoto did it. make sure you have enough of everything to last you the rest of your life! why buy a pack of 10 worm hooks when a thousand costs a lot less per hook and you won’t have to go searching after it again. Yeah, that’s right. A thousand of each size for generic worm hooks like EWG, straight shank, tru-turn, etc. BPS gets LOTS of my hook money.
    plastic worms? my FAVORITE lure?? Yamamoto took me by surprise when they discontinued the cinnamon/red flake IKA. l only have about 60 or 70 left! lt’s NOT gonna happen with oxblood roboworms l guarantee!
    Hoarder? l think not. me either. paranoid, perhaps. now that your question brings it to my attention, l guess l will have to admit to some little bit of paranoia.

  4. Noooo, it just means your serious with fishing, all of us buy a ton of gear, its impossible to stop. Sometimes if I’m bored I’ll go “organize” my gear… and maybe stare at it for a few minutes.

    The more the merrier Bruce, keep on collecting.

  5. TOO MUCH??? That’s too little!!!! I just started bass fishing so I only have two plastic boxes full of em one for worms and one for hard baits but you should see my saltwater stuff I have one tackle box full of just weights for saltwater fishing from 1 oz to 6 oz and my freshwater box has alot of hooks and weights up to 1/2 oz and swivels and all that nonsense. I understand you I buy alot of stuff that I have no need for either I bought a buzzbait pack but now that I think of it I’ll never throw one of those in I would rather throw in a spook or popper like that one time I bought a box of luck e craft worms you know what happened to them? I kept the box it came with but the rest of the worms are in a little jar that my little four year old brother has and I melted some so now I stick with just roboworms and topwaters on a day when the fish don’t bite in anything I’ll throw in my swimbait and see the action and mess around with it you know.

    And Eric, I do the same thing when I have nothing else to do just open em and “organize” them

  6. Hello.
    My name is Chimp Dancer and I’m a hoarder. You probably haven’t seen me on that TV show because the film crew couldn’t make it past the drive way. I know it’s a problem and it’s affecting my family, friends and neighbors. The situation has become so dire that even my co-workers tried some intervention. I wish I could just stop but I only have one thing to say, ” Fuq ’em all! I’m keeping everything and I’ll haul my hoard to every fishing spot just to make sure my bases are covered!!”

    All you fishing tackle hoarders, raise your hands up ( if you can safely) and let the world know we “gots it like that!” LOL. ~good luck catchin.’

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