How to Convert Dawia Front Drag Reels to Free Spool for FREE

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How to Convert Dawia Front Drag Reels to Free Spool for FREE

Web-site: This short “How To” video, will show and demonstrate two different ways to convert front drag Dawia big pit reels to free spool. The reels we are using are the very popular Dawia Emcast Evos. The video was made after watching a video by YouTube member Angeljay1973 on how to convert the drag for free and was amazed at the difference it made. I am also told that this method works with makes of reel including wychwood. For more tips and tricks and venues in your area please visit our website.

Episode 4 Carp Fishing at Lakeside Fisheries with Harry Andy and Rob

Web-site: In this short video we travel to Ranskill. Both Harry and Andy beat their personal bests! Rob catches an 18lb Common and a 12lb Mirror. Harry runs through his rig and baits that hes using. There are five lakes at the Lakeside Fishery complex, comprising a 40-peg Match Lake, two pleasure lakes, a specimen lake and even a fly lake. The Match Lake holds carp to double figures, ide, skimmers, tench, roach, bream, rudd, chub and crucians, providing year-round sport. On the specimen lake carp up to 37lb and only six pegs with a good head of twenty ponders. For more information on this venue and many more in your area please visit our website. Thanks for watching
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50 thoughts on “How to Convert Dawia Front Drag Reels to Free Spool for FREE
  1. I’ve got daiwa emcast advanced and have done this and it’s not done anything it doesn’t tighten up at all it just keeps spinning and spinning, any help

  2. make sure you keep your springs safe as your Diawa warranty becomes void if they know youv’e done this modification,great video though guys.

  3. Nice one will have to see if my Biomasters have the same/similar set up in the spools.Ive allways just “churned” with them up to now. Will post if it does work.

  4. Works a bloody treat with evo’s, plus, advanced, well happy thanks mate !!… Easy to out back to original state as well, two second job!.

  5. we have not done anything else to what was done in the video and they are fine….just had a mad week in France plenty of fish the reels had no problems. you can always add washers and i would say glue you cant go back

  6. i was told i am supposed to glue the bolt back inas it makes the cap woble if i dont. or was told to use washers. is this true

  7. Forget my last comment, just received 3 brand new daiwa emcast advanced reels and did exactly whats shown here and its worked a treat !!! Took me about 30 seconds to do all 3 reels lol.. Now instead of taking roughly a turn and a half+ they take almost less than a quarter turn, a simple flick and its free spool to locked up. Brill video thanks mate!.. Oh and as for playing fish, the drag adjusts fine for the fight. Wicked :o)

  8. Can you still adjust the clutch to have it loose enough as not to snap etc depending on your line lb and not simply one setting for not free spool and one for with free spool? silly question perhaps?

  9. Yes it works the same, as for the drag its still works but requires less of a turn to adjust. Hope this helps let us know how you get on. Tight lines

  10. I presume this will work with the emcast advanced (wooden handled ones).

    Does the drag remain adjustable when playing a fish?

    Cheers for uploading :)

  11. If you go to ranskill the best idea would be to fish in the open water not to islands with main line cell as a botam bait then pellets corn ground bait and crushed cell in a pva bag

  12. watch the new mcecarpfishing video tommorow with special guest, new years winter special carpfishing

  13. It was some time ago now the place was busy then I am sure we called before hand. Might be worth the phone call. All the best and good luck

  14. How busy was it there when you went. because im looking to go but someone on my water said you should book on?? cheers. Cracking videos btw,

  15. get down to a local canal or river with a rod stick a float and hook on 2 pints of red maggots you can’t go wrong. I have never not caught a fish on maggots and sometimes you can get some bigguns. I recently fished a match and i had about 50 quids worth of pellets, paste, groundbait the whole shebang but the only thing i caught on was red maggot and i dragged in 65 pound on the stuff

  16. where are you and what? fish do you want to catch? the problem with todays new carp anglers is that they start straight with carp fishing hence missing out on all the watercraft you can learn by fist coourse fishing for smaller species, if i were you i would start fishing for the smaller species and then progress onto carp, you will learn so much more like this.

  17. im looking to get into fishing its caught my intrest quite a bit……can anyone recommend wer i start…….i have no idea about rods or fish so im really gona need to start at the simple basics cheers

  18. can your mouth get any wider wy ur talkin matee haha..oly jokin mate great fisher keep it up and hopefully you will make it far tight lines

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