how to concentrate corn flavor?

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Question by : how to concentrate corn flavor?
I would like to make my own Carp Bait by making a concentrated corn flavored syrup.

Not sure what ‘Cornsyrup’ smells like and if am actually trying to make corn syrup, but here in South Africa our sugar comes from Cane and not corn, even though most of our staple food comes from corn.

Anyway a bottle of sweet corn “Dip” for fish bait cost like R50 for about 200ml is a complete rip off.
Its smells like sweet corn from a can but the scent is super strong.

so how can i make my own corn syrup with a strong sweetcorn smell.
also what can i add to prevent the sugar to crystallize, ‘Cant use alum cus i dont know where to get it’

I tried to take normal Cane sugar then I have added to cans of sweetcorn brought it to boil
mixed it and then dropped everything into a bottle, but it now just sweet corn mixed with sugar and it hardly smells like sweetcorn.

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Answer by grb9f6
What you want is corn syrup and the easiest way is to try and buy it locally. If you can’t then you can buy it online, but shipping will be expensive because its heavy. If you can’t buy it online then you are stuck with making it yourself. Which takes time, a lot of equipment and known how. If you are interesting in the process let me know.

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