Cheap And Best Carp Rod Reel In The U.S.?

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Question by Jamie R : Best Carp Rod And Reel Cheap In The U.S. ? I’m on a budget, but I would buy a rod or two for fishing carp. I see that the European carp fisherman use 12 foot reels for casting long, but it would be the equivalent of that here in the States that is widely available and cheap? Best answer: Response

bassplayer_1313 Cabela
has some they call their “predator series” The have one. rod very nice and very good price. What do you think Answer below!

4 thoughts on “Cheap And Best Carp Rod Reel In The U.S.?
  1. Unless you are going to tournament fish, I would suggest getting a all around reel and rod combo that will work for many different kinds of fish. Your fishing tackle should not be broken up between all species, unless you have tons of money and space. With carp it is no different. Just get a good 7 foot rod that is medium to medium heavy and you can catch all most anything.

  2. Shakespeare Tiger spinning or spincasting combo from Wal-Mart is pretty good but, my dream combo is a Zebco 33 Platinum on a 6′ medium-heavy action Shakespeare Ugly Stik rod. Perfect for carp.

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