Carp fishing?

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Question by Matthew M ?? Carp fishing i go fishing in a small pond on my bicycle, and there are big carp there, my brother and I both caught one, but he broke both times the HELP LINR?, we use worms and line 12 livreMeilleure response: Answer by Jen

Why would you want to catch a carp. They are scavengers and not really for drinking. better known? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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  1. Wow sounds big. Best to go to a fishing website to ask this questions. Id say to atleast losen the ratchet on your reel so the fish can take line rather than snap it straight away. You have to PLAY the fish. Let them take line then reel them in etc. Like i say you will find far better advice on a proper coarse fishing (fresh water fishing) website. Good luck. Make sure you have a big net and some scales and an unhooking mat.

  2. The unwanted, almost inedible carp is one of the best fighting freshwater fish !

    Use treble hooks, two to a line, with dough-bait… there are many different way to make it. Mostly bread with a small amount of water and worked into a stiff paste. Some folks add flavors to attract the fish. My favorite is strawberry cool-aid.

    Put a heavy weight and two hooks on each pole and W A I T !!!

    Use 20lb test line for the larger Carp… also look around your area for Carp Tournaments.

  3. You need a lot heavier line for a big carp. Try some braided line like Spider Wire or any other good braided line that you can find in any good tackle store. Use at least 30 lb test braided line. This line wont break but you better have a strong rod and reel.


  4. Increase your test line to about 20-25 lbs. Play the fish until its tired, Carp, if cooked properly, does taste good. You will have to check for recipes, elsewhere on the net.
    Carp are best caught in the spring or fall seasons. If the water is clean and the source is always fresh, then year round fishing for carp is OK. I am speaking from experience fishing in Canadian waters.
    Also, a sport using bows and arrows, to hunt for Carp, is popular too.

  5. I use a compound bow with a reel attached to it and fiberglass arrows, not many people bow fish anymore, but it’s really fun i think. Carp are worthless as food, but some of the older black guys around where i live take all i can shoot. they get really thick under the south fork dam of the Shenandoah river, you can almost walk on them during their spawning season in may. You need to set your drag on your reel more loosely, and fight the fish to tire it. they will get close to the bank, and run, breaking your line almost every time, shooting them solves this problem, especially if you live where salmon run in the rivers, but the carp are actually good to have in a small pond like you describe, i’d leave them alone.

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