Carp Fishing Tackle Assessment: Daiwa Regal 3500 X BR Carp Fishing Reel

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Carp Fishing Tackle Assessment: Daiwa Regal 3500 X BR Carp Fishing Reel

Article by Tommy Jones

Although a lot of fishermen have a preference for stalking the exclusive trout and respectable salmon, I really fancy the clever carp. Even though there’s no defined report of this particular species, it is believed the carp originated from eastern Europe near the Black and Caspian seas. Well-known for their capacity to adapt and survive in several different kinds of climates and waters, carp actually at one time were exchanged as a kind of piscene currency! With such a splendid stock of fable and lore, it is no wonder that I’m captivated by and quite definitely delight in angling for carp. Carp angling in many cases can be tricky, though, thus you’ll need practically all the aid you can get. This is a brief evaluation of a terrific bit of carp fishing tackle, the Daiwa Regal 3500 X BR fishing reel.

With regards to the Daiwa Regal 3500 X BR Carp Fishing Reel

This is a great-looking fishing reel that is sure to be esteemed by your fellow anglers. If you are a traditionalist who wants front drag merged with a sleek free spool system, the Regal X BR deserves a really serious look. Even though there are 8 models in the line, the Regal 3500 X BR is certainly my choice, primarily because it’s quite versatile, especially for specimen fishing. Even another good reason I really like this reel is that it can help me continue to keep a very high degree of control when fighting a fish, because of the remarkable front drag.

Features of the Daiwa Regal 3500 X BR Reel

When I first started to use this fishing reel, I used it together with a medium-fast action rod, and then learned that this is an excellent combination for powering the rod along the total length. The fishing reel has excellent casting capabilities because of an excellent and accommodating design. This Regal X BR has a machined engine plate, and a tin-plated line roller which are both durable and sturdy, thanks to Daiwa’s remarkable layout. Costing approximately 50.00, this is a fishing reel which almost every angler can afford to keep in the tackle box.

More Regal 3500 X BR Aspects

The X BR reel features the patented “Air Bail” system, that is made from tough, rust proof tubular stainless steel together with an equally corrosion repellent finish. The Air Bail’s layout has no protrusions and also functions very smoothly, with the end result being snag-free line pick up. Mix with this the “Twist Buster” element which minimizes line twist substantially, and you have got an awesome reel full of qualities you would get on one that will cost considerably higher. The X BR also offers a smart clutch system that uses a one-way bearing to limit handle movements to the forward direction only. Other selling points include a low profile soft grip knob, graphite rotor as well as a spare graphite spool.

Final Considerations

I’ve found that Daiwa seems to have a real devotion to fishing in the UK. Their products catch the attention of those anglers who put an incredibly high value on the sport. What more can I really say? The Daiwa Regal 3500 X BR reel is a fantastic piece of carp fishing tackle supported by a world-celebrated company.

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