Carp fishing bait, secret and not so secret recipes?

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Question by psychoninja911: Carp fishing bait, secret and not so secret recipes?
Asking again, in serious desperation. I’m at Lake Lavon in Texas… The carp are everywhere and you can see them. I’ve so far had no luck…

Anyway, I’ve tried:
-Strawberry jello with corn soaking in it, use the jello’d corn for bait.
-pizza dough
-another mixture I found online with dog food, molasses, wheaties, flour, and more…

These 4 haven’t worked yet at all. I had a turtle take one of the baits… Prying the hook out of his poor little mouth was a blast (sarcasm for real)…

Before I fish, I lightly chum the area with whatever I’m fishing with.
Carp are there, I see them, just not getting any attention after hours and hours of waiting.

–Any bait advice?
–What is pickled corn? Anyone know if this works on Texas common carp (I think that’s what we have, with the orangish fins and all).
–Is there a wrong way to be fishing for them? I’ve tried bottom fishing and with a bobber.

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Answer by Ted
This site fun with carp site has some great carp strategies:

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2 thoughts on “Carp fishing bait, secret and not so secret recipes?
  1. Fish on the bottom with a dough bait. I make mine out of bread, maple syrup, peanut butter, and cinnamon. The cinnamon is just a extra, you don’t have to use it. Will catch carp along with channel cats. Just get a big bowl and pile all the ingredients together and mash it around with your hands. Should be formed into a large ball. When you take the ball fishing just pick a good sized piece off and mold it around the hook. Should be shaped like a bell or a ball when on the hook. Try size 2 baitholder hooks.

    Happy fishing.

  2. Bread:
    Bread should work as is. If you don’t knead it, it will dissolve too quickly. But if you roll it into a dough ball that’s very hard, it will loose its effectiveness by a pretty big margin. Rolling it into the right hardness is the key. Roll wet bread and dry bread together will help you get the right hardness a little easier. The dough should feel like the tip of your nose.

    Pizza dough:
    Many pizza dough also contain oil. Some pizza doughs are very oily. If it is not working, then the water is not warm enough yet. Oily baits worked the best in warm waters.

    Dog food:
    Grind up dog chows and turn it into dough balls. If it doesn’t stick, add some flour when necessary. Like pizza dough, dog chows contained some oil.

    Wheaties will work as is. Just crush it and turn it into dough balls and it will work. Like all dough baits, hardness is important. Anything too hard will not dissolve fast enough to attract fish. You can add bread or flour to soften it up. You can get away with harder doughs in warm waters.

    Easy and effective dough bait: Peanut butter (sweet) sandwich. Take small pieces and roll it into dough balls.

    PS: Carp could be very light biters. Many times, they are eating your bait without you even knowing. Very light lines and very light rods will help you detect those light bites much better.
    PPS: Smaller dough balls will get you more hits. My dough balls are about the size of boilies. I usually use octopus hooks between size 8 to size 2. I match my hook to my dough balls’ size and I use smaller dough balls in cold water.

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