CARP FISHING BAIT INGREDIENTS – For Making Addictive Readymade And Homemade Boilies!

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CARP FISHING BAIT INGREDIENTS – For Making Addictive Readymade And Homemade Boilies!

Article by Tim Richardson

CARP FISHING BAIT INGREDIENTS – For Making Addictive Readymade And Homemade Boilies! – Outdoors – Fishing

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It is certain that the majority of carp anglers today are under exploiting the potential impacts of their baits; thereby wasting a very significant portion of their cost-benefit ratio! Just how economical is it to under exploit even the most expensive ready made baits for instance? Read on and discover how to stimulate more feeding to catch more fish in winter and all year round!

Here is just one simple real life example demonstrating the shocking impact having a deeper understanding of baits related to carp senses and behaviour manipulation. It will show that even the best anglers with a minimal knowledge of bait are missing out hugely on potentially far greater catches most of the time whether in the cold of winter or warmth of summer!

I fished at the Carp Societys Horseshoe Lake in Gloucestershire around the time of 2007 with 2 part time bailiffs there. The younger of these 2 guys had been one of the top rods on the lake that season. He made his own homemade ground bait mix that he used a spod to deliver at range, and this he used to concentrate fish feeding activities. He had read my first introductory bait ebook and had invited me to join him at Horseshoe Lake to show him some more enlightening secrets in action; which I proceeded to do.

His main concern was having the capacity and ability to be able to compete far more effectively and even out-fish the likes of bait sponsored anglers in situations where this lake was being very heavily pre-baited in effect by one particular well-known bait company.

You might well say well why did he not simply jump on the bandwagon and get sponsored with free bait from this company. Well this guy knew the game well having been a sponsored match anglers as a youth and fished in the England team. He was an extremely refined angler in his thinking and angling skills and experience but like the best anglers he wished for constant key leaps in improvements in performance.

With many of my readers my ebooks inspire creative thought for the purpose of solving unique fishing challenges each individual angler has on a range of waters. Every angler has a unique set of desires, expectations, fishing goals and preferences for fishing styles and techniques and personal sets of experience, personally developed skills and so on. I asked some guys to mix up in a bucket 3 handful of the successful spod mix they had been using. Then I added an additional additive to 2 of these handfuls only leaving one as standard. We shall call the first batch spod mix A, and the second spod mix B. just leaving the original standard spod mix C. We walked over to the stock pond near the club house and watched the small carp there for a while so they got used to us. I threw the odd bit of mud in, to no particular response from any fish.

I gently introduced the spod mix A into the margin just 4 feet out. I suppose within 10 minutes every carp in the stock pond was circling the area of the bait, the water was so coloured it became difficult to see fish moving in and out, but after a while of feeding it was obvious that other species such as roach and tench were trying to feed on the bait between the carp too. After 15 minutes of this, the carp were head-butting the bottom even though the bait had been eaten or dispersed. The roach and tench were going mad for it too.

We let the activity settle down, and we walked further down the bank about 8 metres and I gently introduced the spod mix B. The response to this batch was more leisurely compared to the first batch but gradually the fish approached the area and moved in an obvious pecking order and started feeding. The interesting thing about this feeding was not just how clouded the water became, but how the dominant fish monopolised the feeding area and stayed their ground for such a long time while feeding in a more leisurely and measured fashion compared to the frantic attacking of spod mix A.

Having observed all this having again let it settle down, we moved further along the bank again about 8 metres and introduced the original standard spod mix the guys had been successfully using. We waited for a full 20 minutes for the something to happen, yet even roach swimming right over the top of it within 12 inches ignored it (showing no positive nor adverse responses or reaction at all as if it simply did not exist.

The response of the guys witnessing this was funny really had it not been so utterly jaw-dropping for them – they were standing there in shock really willing fish to try their original bait. They immediately realised in real time that had this been a real fishing situation then they would have been having lots of trouble even getting a single bite – while other guys using spod mix A and spod mix B would have been having a great time catching fish; yet they had been successful using their standard mix!

This demonstration of the power of applied knowledge of bait substances and fish sensitivities and physiology etc completely devastated their belief in their successful bait – and rightly so! This is because in the real world on banks of pressured carp lakes, this kind of effect is happening literally all the time! Getting a bigger picture about bait is like stretching a rubber band too much, i.e. it never returns to its original dimensions because it has been changed forever.

Having a vastly improved knowledge of your fish and baits really can improve your catches for life without any doubt whether you like using maggots, fake corn, tiger nuts, readymade boilies, halibut pellets, pastes, lumps of peanut sandwich, black pudding, pork pie, herring cubes, shrimps, carp pellets, of the fanciest florescent glow in the dark pop-up creations or dull toned readymade baits designed to mimic small aquatic molluscs for example with stimulating excretion mimics or similes or replications etc to match, or bloodworm baits with matching amino acid profiles and so on.

If as you are reading this it is very cold or very hot and your fish are inactive, here is a little tip: thinking about bait is worth every minute, leading to a bigger personal picture and even improved personal health and vitality. You discover little things along the way that trigger new ideas. For instance did you know that the original formula for Coke was sold as a cure-all and included cannabis leaf extract (think hemp?!)

I have no evidence to suggest that coke does not still contain this or that cannabinols are not effective against very many ailments! Aspirin is being hailed as the new anti-cancer drug yet it seems so commonplace.

The original compound that the invention of the industrially-produced modern Aspirin was inspired by, actually comes from the leaf of very common water-side trees found all around carp lakes; willows! More and more substances that were old fashioned traditional treatments and are now often completely over-looked in terms of potential for use in carp baits are still waiting to be revealed. Some of these super-food substances are already in popular use in carp baits and in human healing and have been for a very long time.

For example, what are some of the most potent active components of substances used to wake people up and most popular in Victorian times?! Ammonia is just example, yet many strong salts, spice extracts, acids and other solvents etc can wake us humans from our sleep. You may not believe that any bait substance can be addictive to carp, but we get addicted to substances following just one exposure and carp are not so very different – argue about it in the forums and on the bank to your hearts content – or discover the truth; its your choice!

Cannabis sativa is the common hemp species you use for fishing. It has only 2 or 3 percent THC in the leaves compared to the very same plant that contains 17 to over 20 percent THC within its leaves and used in drugs but it is the same plant none the less. If you think THC is not addictive to carp think again.

Glutamine is an amino acid that is dumped all over the body along with other substances, such as a variety of hormones from the brain that all lead to a relaxation of the body (producing an instant feel-good feeling!) This kind of effect also induces the first stage of a hit of nicotine; incidentally the most addictive substance humans use for relaxation (or even deliberate self-abuse) in traces, without immediately lethal effects!

Some of the most potent substances can save life and heal or they can kill depending upon the dose; how many doctors have been struck off for this reason?! Although it is a powerfully antioxidant, cocoa kills dogs, and excessive hot chilli intake kills humans for instance yet in the correct dose they are both good for health (i.e. chocolate minus the saturated fat, refined sugar and other additives etc!)

Peanuts are probably the most popular nuts in the world today, yet just getting nut residue on the lips can kill some people – do you know exactly which compound both makes peanuts so habit-forming but to which some people are potentially fatally allergic to also?! Carp are instinctive creatures that have survived far longer than humans have despite their smaller brains. Their intelligences are exactly equal to those they need to survive but they are constantly evolving just like ours are.

Why should it be a surprise that carp will continue to gorge of peanuts for instance when this can lead them to depleting their bodies of nutrients not present in peanuts and accumulating fats to excess that will reduce their metabolism, build up around vital organs and lead to deficiency-related diseases among other side effects?!

So-called superior higher form animals (including so-called intelligent humans,) display this kind of behaviour all the time; the rampant obesity epidemic of the Western world is obvious! With all the rubbish about diets why is it that people simply do not eat less sugars, carbohydrates, and fats and oils, (and including consuming less omega 6?)

People tend to be most commonly lazy by nature and have been programmed by a bombardment of media and other influences to eat loads of substances called food which actually take more energy to digest or eliminate or detoxify out than actually supply. Yet the body is highly programmed to be energy efficient and food stuffs such as sugars, oils, fats, and carbohydrates can be highly addictive efficient energy sources, for a certain period of time at least!

But it seems that most people do not know how stored fat is created from foods other than saturated fats. For instance if people realised how much sugar was in beer or in white breads, they would be extremely shocked! (So many obese people drink loads of beer and bread and other wheat flour products not realising that in many cases the beer and bread are the sources of carbohydrates converted to fat internally and actual sugar that is most making them fat!

Carp assimilate protein to a far higher degree of energy efficiency compared to humans. For carp, protein sources which are easily digested can be highly habit forming and ultimately amino acids are basically essential to life and thus addictive on multiple levels. Certainly in fishing situations where a particular bait becomes one that dominates catches simply due to the volumes applied then a habit formed set of feeding behaviours can be expressed by carp, but this certainly does not mean you cannot break the monopoly of catches of any particular readymade bait.

Actually if everyone could only use bread then the most fish would be caught on bread in its various forms. To think that you cannot catch carp unless you are using the same bait as other people is simply irrational in the extreme! This kind of thinking is based on an ignorance of the fact that carp can be triggered into feeding by a massive range of substances most of which will not even be present in whatever readymade bait is dominating current catches!

If it is not one bait dominating catches then it will be another and in fact it could very easily be the guy using his own unique addictively potent homemade baits; this is happening far more today than most anglers realise!

More anglers like the top rod on a particular Colne Valley syndicate, and another on a Syndicate in Devon who are readers of mine, have both caught their lake records of over forty pounds this season, and dominated catches using their homemade baits against Mainline Cell and Richworth KG1.

I know both used multiple addictive substances in their baits as I helped them formulate their new homemade bait recipes. Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

About the Author

Seize this moment to improve your catches for life with this essential worldwide-proven fishing, readymade and homemade bait secrets bibles series: BIG CARP FLAVOURS FEEDING TRIGGERS AND CARP SENSES EXPLOITATION SECRETS! BIG CARP AND CATFISH BAIT SECRETS! And BIG CARP BAIT SECRETS! NOW VISIT: http://www.baitbigfish.comCarp Bait And recipe Secrets

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Tim Richardson

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