Carp Fishing at Churchgate Lakes(part 1)

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Carp fishing from Churchgate lakes.Situated in the beautiful Essex countryside Churchgate is one of,if not the best day ticket venue in Essex and beyond.Several lakes containing various specimens to give any angler a good day.Carp go over 30lb and large catfish often show up.Also good size Perch,Tench and Bream can also be easy caught if you get it right.Check out the website or Facebook.
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carp world online and carp fishing at Bayeswater Angling in Essex

9 thoughts on “Carp Fishing at Churchgate Lakes(part 1)
  1. About bloody time thought you,d all emigrated,mind you its not been fit to take the dog out nemind fish.
    Nice to see you back,crack on lets av some more then.

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