Carp Baits from K-1 BAITS

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John Bramley of K-1 Baits showing you a range of superb carp fishing Baits designed, tested and manufactured in the USA. Visit www.K-1 for prices and online ordering.
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14 thoughts on “Carp Baits from K-1 BAITS
  1. can you give me a good link to buy great carp bait? i like the products you showed on the video. good video.

  2. This is one you can make them at home. Most commercially available Pop Ups like K-1 BAITS have buoyant ingredients in the mix. This enables the baits to have maximum attractors and effectiveness etc

  3. which is the best set up for rivers ??
    i never fished on this so what is the best to buy for a starter like me ?
    nice vid! and nice explanation!

  4. Yea, For me it all started with my first carp I got it on corn soaked in vanilla and it was 9lbs. From then on I was all about carp fishing!!

  5. Cool I might order some stuff today but sometime this week for sure!! My fishing buddie uses this this stuff and I didnt realize it we catch a lot of carp on this stuff all flavors are great!!

  6. We love fishing for them too. The fighting power and thrill for the angler is hard to beat. The rush of a full blown take where the line rips off the spool is one of the most addictive aspects for me. The whole buzz of carp fishing, bait and tackle turns carp angling from a hobby into an an obsession for most.

  7. As much as a nucance fish carp are known as i love fishing for them!!! i respect them comp;etta;;t because they are the only fish that dont smell up your hands…but i think there a few to many though but i love fishing for them…

  8. Are you guys in the U.S.A. or What??it says manufactured in U.S.A but im not sure??…I want to try this stuff!!

  9. Yes, we do ship Internationally. Just make the shipping selection of your choice during the checkout process.

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