Carp bait recipe number 1

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ingredients flour water kool aid mix strawberry cherry etc molasses ormarshmellow fluff syrup and cinnamin spice oatmeal refridgerate for 24 hours new recipe comming soon!
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Lloyd reigns on 'hot peg' - Grimsby Telegraph
Grimsby TelegraphLloyd reigns on 'hot peg'Grimsby TelegraphWinterton man Paul Stephenson had 115lbs, all taken on the pole with pellet as bait. He was catching carp all through the match, but even he was surprised that he'd caught over 100lbs on his way to victory. Shaun Sanders, from Barnsley, was second with ...
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25 thoughts on “Carp bait recipe number 1
  1. yes we did we only caught 2 that day because we went out in 7 degree weather right before a blizzard lol one was only 4 lbs the other was 9

  2. i just have 1 question,why didnt you just make it in the smaller dish so you didnt have to dump it in lol

  3. i made this bait, but i used brown sugar & cinnamon oat-meal.. this gets into a sticky dough if you it right.. do you think i can catch bluegill on this?

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