Carp Bait Recipe – How to make your own bait carp home

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Carp Bait Recipe house – Ingredients and instructions how to make your own fishing carp bait house. Easy step by step instructions.Note Video: 4/5

1 cup quick oatmeal

two cups of instant oatmeal 1/4 Can cream corn, cup water year, or a / ** 2 corn to add flavor before adding the mixture to 4 hours *** They hope this helps you guys thank you for watching! shane carp bait, groats bait

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26 thoughts on “Carp Bait Recipe – How to make your own bait carp home
  1. I haven’t tried boiling them, but the ingredients found in the recipe should accept boiling and still stay on the hook – thanks, darren

  2. i was big into carp fishing 3years ago but when my wife got sick i had to stop, well im glad too say she is doing much better now and im starting to get that carp shack smell that you get when you enter the store at the pay lakes you know that smell … lol.. i fished mostly at pops lake and spillmans im from salisbury nc. thanks for posting your vids its helped me remember all the baits i fished and how too make them. great videos thanks again

  3. I find that when its cold the carp dont bite the grits as much. Right now, I make my bait using horse oats mixed with a little grits, creamstyle corn. Then using a 1/2 bottle of water I add a cap of strawberry flav, cap of butter flav, cap of vanilla, then I shake the bottle good. I add the flavored water and 1/2 can cream corn to 4-5 cups of horse oats and mix it all up really good. After I let it sit for 30 min then add 1/2 cup grits. Then let it sit for 30 mor min before its ready to use

  4. thanks Chris, this bait works great here in the states, i made a video reply to your link you sent, check it out!

  5. this is not somthing we use over in the uk but it looks good its not somthing you can but i use boilies by a company call mainline baits there expencive about $20 but they are the best boilies on the market great video pal

  6. i never really catch much off of R&W carp mush which is why im looking up recipes i will try this sometime

  7. instead of corn take a piece of bread and cast to them. When i use bread i use a size 1 to 1/0 hook and i do not use a sinker so the bread will float. to hook the bread put it thru once twist the hook and put it back thru then cast slow.

  8. when i go to ponds i see alot of carps just swimming around so i’ll put some corn on a hook and throw it out at them….but they wont eat it…they’ll swim right up to it and look at it but quickly swim away…what should i do to catch them ??

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