Best Carp Fishing Reels – Daiwa vs Shimano?

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Daiwa Infinity X BR Reel | Carp Fishing Tackle Review

Duncan from Tackle Fanatics takes you through the product review of the Diawa Infinity X Br reel. You can get your hands on one here –
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5 thoughts on “Best Carp Fishing Reels – Daiwa vs Shimano?
  1. my personal opinion i think you have chose reels that the korda gang use as the basia and the tournament iso’s i prefer the shimano baitrunners and i dont think there is a best fishing reel i thinks its down to what you prefer and where your fishing so you dont need a big pit if your fishing a small venue

  2. the reels are the dogs bollox but WTF !!!!!, the info you give is crap !, the rod and the user make it accurate its not the reel…….p.s. 80 yards is not a long distance cast either…….

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