Winter Carp fishing Tips?

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Hey guys, I’m fishing a Club lake with a 36lb carp in on friday.

I know I will be very hard and i am only going for a day, I have items such as PVA etc etc, and I am a field / bait tester for Richworth, with some of there new Boilies which havent been released yet. I cant say any names.

So the question is, can anyone give me some really good hints and tips to give me the extra edge?


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Answer by Cole
If you were given boilies to test out for a company shouldn’t you be more than capable of catching carp yourself?

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2 thoughts on “Winter Carp fishing Tips?
  1. tiger nuts.
    boiled tiger nuts.
    they have to be cooked first, otherwise they are toxic to carp.
    remember “benson”?

    and hemp seeds. boil them too, to soften them up. stick a few on a hair rig with a small hook.

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