Watch a 30lb UK carp take the hookbait!

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Watch a thirty-pounder take the hookbait off the surface at the Selby Syndicate in North Yorkshire. Follow me on Twitter: @Simon_Crow1 or Facebook:
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25 thoughts on “Watch a 30lb UK carp take the hookbait!
  1. Well landed but I would of thought most fishery owners would be against fishing in snags like that. Don’t know how you managed to land it in the lillies but well played, lovely fish

  2. If anyone like this sort of fishing subbscribe to my channel there will be episodes up soon . There will also be a prize for the person/channel that gets the most people to subscribe to my channel JGFishing TV (just get them to send me a message with your youtube name ). The prize will be a BRAND NEW 2 man nash titan bivvy which i will mail to your house .


  3. Most fisheries ban surface baits because of the Birds who end up hooked. Also people tend to throw floating bread in everywhere and the bread floats into the next guys swim who then ends up with 15 geese bombing into the water ruining his swim.

  4. thats some nice fishing there and what did u use to get that mate cause i was wondering how to get fish like becaause ive not been fishing for over a year and i think ive lost my touch

  5. have you ever tried the beach caster set up just need a high bank stick and baitrunner look at it a real good rig and doing this in thick weed is challenge but good bit of angling

  6. Sorry to put a downer on all the great comments but this method of fishing is by far the easiest way of catching yourself a big un…. It is a nice bit of fishing but anyone with a rod can do it and catch, that is why the method is banned on many day tickets because its so easy its like hook a duck.All that said i only surface fish myself now and use alarms if im doing a night only… surface fishing is easy and addictive… and by far the biggest buzz youll get leading up to catching a fatty

  7. This video makes me realise how bloody rubbish and boring my fishing has become, sitting for days on end inside my bivvy fishing bottom baits watching my alarms. This video makes me want to change my style of carping thats for sure.

  8. Awesome! Where you proper hiding in bushes or standing still for ages? That’s an amazingly quick take, quality angling! Wicked!

  9. top video that pal, well done and good angling. that sort of angling comes with experience and people on here can learn from that

  10. hey guys, check out my fishing channel with tips and footage of me fighting big carp on the pole! LINK: /watch?v=P4tp7JGbrO8

  11. You are quality….. I just cast as close to any fish on the surface without waiting and getting them confident……. Now i will be patient :)

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