“Warwick Way With Carp” DVD trailer

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Frank Warwick is joined by Martin Bowler to reveal what it takes to catch carp great success. No secrets are held back the land the pair of huge fish chain leading to a new personal record for Frank. Bankside conversations puts you in the spirit of the duo That the session unfolds, punctuated by platform and Demonstrations Every carp angler tips That Will Improve Their catch rates. That you intend to target Sun waters in the UK or mainland Europe it is the DVD for you. (Purchase www.martinbowler.co.uk) or (www.calmproductions.com)

 How Bogey use is Kryston
Website: www.thecarpzone.co.uk In this short video of man hin self Demons h shows how to use Kryston bogey. This unique sticky jelly-like glue, You Can create solid seed hook baits of the particle of your choice. Any seed or beans of any size, any shape! On the Merits, arises, the choice is endless. Small baitfish proof connection break down That Can Be done in seconds. The bogey on the dry seed bait absorb a Substantial amount of flavor while submerged bait your hook will give a slow steady release into your bath. Bogey bait particles accounted for huge catches at times When boilies are not productive. Hemp sticks, nuts, peanuts, tiger Maples and much more. Place a tiny strip on your braid or mono as a basis for heavy metal, it locks it in place permanently making putty estate. Buy online with us in our secure online shop follow the link above. Hope this helps and thanks for your attention.

30 thoughts on ““Warwick Way With Carp” DVD trailer
  1. Please do not put all Americans in the same category as essexcarpio. I totally agree with the way you treat your fish as I do the same the best of my ability. But the NO rearing of children has begun to take shape in this country as MORALS are now considered a weakness. Our children are now being taught say and do as you please as freedom of speech which is not what the writers of the Constitution had in mind. THE MAIN PROBLEM IS NOW THESE CHILDREN ARE NOW ADULTS. Be good and tight lines .

  2. This is just to let you know that all Americans are not a**holes. I totally agree with the way you treat your carp and I do my best to do so. (Maybe not to your extreme) but I guarantee everyone I catch is released alive and well. I hate it when I see the jerks over here killing them for the fun of it and I have had more than one argument on the subject. Good luck.

  3. 6:32 OMG the carp is pulling the whole boat to the water :) I have never seen anything like this in Lithuania perhaps it feels incredible :)

  4. ok, sorry for calling you a retard then. personally i love the america, so free and big. and i suppose it is fun to see what people say lol.


  5. no we dont eat them. bro im just kidding i for one dont really hate the u.k i just mess around and i know every counrty on this earth hates the u.s. catching carp is fun i just see what people will say in return to my comments. sorry

  6. “only good thing came out of the uk was music ”
    which prooves how bad america is because someone from the uk found america you retard.

  7. I used this at the weekend, and the needle just pulled the hair back through fine no problem at all. Give it a go all the best and tight lines

  8. We are off fishing on Friday and I think i may it it a go with one of my rods for sure! all the best and tight lines

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