Spring Carp baits

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Jerry Hammond lets us know a little bit about Spring Carp baits.
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8 thoughts on “Spring Carp baits
  1. allright so i want to go fishing so bad,the water temperature is 1 celsius,I am going to a sort of lake that is direct conected to the river,it has like 2meters deepth at best so Im thinking the water must be warmer there.What bait should i use,more like worms and animal flavored baits or maybe frutty/spicy baits?

  2. i love to fish for carp more than any other fish, the bass are being fished more and more out of the rivers and streams but the carp are a fish that not many people fish for. carp are very wary fish but if you have the right bait and know how to fish for them they can be caught fairly easily. Simple baits will work for these fish such as sweetcorn (can infuse with sugar and vaniila) or other dough baits.

  3. people in europe would’nt believe the carp here in central ohio u.s.a.,and they are vitually un fished.i love to catch any kind of fish,including these copper colored warriors.

  4. did you have any joy?
    1 river carps worth 100 hand reared lake fish, its one of my dreams to catch some river carp.
    good vid carp angler, nice one

  5. Fantastic video and to be honest i couldnt have worded it better myself. I expected to come in here and see the same old crap you always see, thats someone who knows jack shit speaking complete rubbish. However as i said fantastic video and great advise/information.

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