Reading Avenger bait feeder?

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Question Backwater Charlie : Feeder Bait Okuma Avenger ? I take a liking to this reel Okuma Avenger bait feeder. It has a beautiful line capacity (not a huge shark-sized one, but the perfect size for carp / cats catch i), good reviews, and cost $ 49! It is 1/3 of a Runner Shimano Bait. Of course, it will not be as smooth or reliable as Shimano but I think it will make the reels travail.Je also preferred over any other type of carp fishing. So with her having a bait feeder option, it was done for carp or cats! Probably want to pair with an ugly stick, medium action 7 ‘if I can find a coil un.La also a 7.4 rating on Cabela’s site! You can not get much better! So does anyone else has this reel? Best answer: Answer by

Fisher_King I bought an Okuma
Epixor time (no bait feeder version). It-It was a good solid fishing reel smooth long-distance sites neuvièmeLe whole problem? After about three months of intensive fishing in the spring bail was worn and it would not close automatically, or worse, the bond would be cast your trip just before the launch & lose your leurre.Après have lost because of premature trip deposit lures I vowed to NEVER buy another reel which has not had a “you-click “on the wire bail caution.Pflueger and Shimano are the only company providing a safe-click the (true, Daiwa has something similar). I do not know what the supply reel of bait will be like …… When you purchase this paste on a sprue and do a little wrong in the store. If traveling son on bail on a cast of energy saving your money for a Shimano ……..

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