Q&A: Is this rod good for carp fishing?

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Question by townsendb46: Is this rod good for carp fishing?
i also have the following reel to go with it
are daiwo a good brand?
Thank you

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Answer by SilverPhoenix
I wouldn’t buy it, nor that reel, for carp fishing. carp tend to be pretty hard on gear. Get something that’ll hold up chief. That combo will not.

And that’s way too damn much for that pole.

Get a good E- glass(or Eglass/graphite composite) rod and a BAITCASTING reel with at least a 5 to 1 gear ratio able to hold up to at least 20lb test line.

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  1. Daiwa is a very good brand. Just stay away from their low end stuff which you obviously are. There is nothing wrong with this setup. I think it is a good setup for general fishing.

    I would get a baitrunner/bait feeder reel if I planned to fish in a relatively fast moving stream/river. You can adjust baitrunner reels to not give out line to the current while still able to give out line if a fish took your bait. Also, I would prefer spinning reels with a front drag instead of a rear drag. But that’s just my personal preference.

    By the way, I like to use very light setups for carp. You don’t need 20lb test lines unless you planned to fight fish in very fast moving waters.

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