Q&A: Canned Corn or Doughballs? Whats the best Carp Bait?

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Question by red1987: Canned Corn or Doughballs? Whats the best Carp Bait?
I’m tired of catching small fish and I’m going to a River with Carp in it(Little Miami River in Ohio to be specific) tomorrow or Sunday.Whats the best bait recipe for river carp? And IF its better to use dough balls whats the best way to make them stick to the hook?I seriously need help I want to catch a BIG fish (the biggest i’ve ever caught was about 3-6 pounds) also any tips would be appriciated Thanks

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Answer by Chuck P
Canned corn is good for chumming but your river may not allow it. Dough balls just stick to the hook. I have caught some big carp with worms before. It all depends on what they like on any particular day.

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  1. If you can chum, then use a can of creamed corn with several holes punched in it, bait your hook with whole kernel corn.

  2. 4 chum I’d use some cream corn, the method u should go about doing this is very EZ: take the can corn punch holes in (with the corn in) and tie a rope of some sort to it and throw it out to your spot their come don’t u worry bout that. as far as bait goes use some dough balls made from bread, mike cat food and corn starch. mix it together in a 5 gallon bucket till it has a (well) doughy texture and is very thick (enough to stay on a hook)

  3. O.k., doughballs are the best bait. I put cream of corn in my doughbait recipe. Use flour, smashed dry dog food, syrup or sugar, and some big red soda. I use cattle cake or cubes in mine, use the smashed dog food if you can’t get the cubes. If you can get the cubes, you can chum with those. They sink. The best chum hands down is soured wheat. Find some wheat and add water to it in a bucket, then let it set covered in the heat. It takes a week or two, and it stinks but it works. We use tow sacks or burlap sacks for the soured wheat, and then chum the water with the rest. Use canned corn to chum when all else fails. Carp are omnivorous, I have seen them hit nightcrawlers. Doughbait is like their crack. Carp are very strong swimmers and they will test your tackle. Put your doughbait on with a good quality treble hook. I like the ones with the spring. Your doughbait should resemble a bread loaf when your done. You don’t want it too hard or too soft. Trial and error. But you are on your way to fun fishing. Add me if you have anymore carp questions.
    Tight lines and good luck.

  4. Use the canned corn. Put it on a large hook, with a heavy weight, and 18 inch leader. Cast as close to the center of the river as possible and get ready to fight. Works every time for me.

  5. The others have said it all. I just want to add that to catch BIG FISH you need to use big hooks. I usually use 1/0 or 2/0 kahle wide gap hooks with whole canned corn kernels on them. My personal carp record is 30 lbs. from the Hudson River. Good luck fishing.

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