hey yahoo! I have some fishing on q in the winter and fishing in general.?

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Question ~ Make Me : hey yahoo! I have some fishing on q in the winter and fishing in general.? how to fish for carp, how to catch a bass well, what better news is the watt small lure, a good live bait, how to catch a fish you woulden’t think, how do you troll how catch shit, fishing on a tight budget in particular, ect? Best answer: Answer by Artie

you need to go to the library and read a book dedicated to bass fishing, fishing and a general knowledge book I recommend the books written by professional fishermen as they want you to know the secrets that took years to understand. better known? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Lorance: Cold temperatures don't deter fishermenThe Daily News JournalThey were taken on big jig and trailer bait, like artificial crawfish. These fish were in shallow water. • This is the time if you are crappie fisherman and can brave the cold temperatures like some of these bass fishermen. You can come in with some ...
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3 thoughts on “hey yahoo! I have some fishing on q in the winter and fishing in general.?
  1. you can get really cheap bait at walmart usually on clearance, and you can catch just about anything on a worm. Crappies like minnows. bobber fish them, if you get a bite dont rip on it when you go to reel it in. their lips are extremely thin, and rip easy and you’ll lose it.(dont know how to bobber fish, contact me)
    couple of the best small fresh water lures are the red and white daredevils, any small rapala, swedish pimples (if you’re jigging) and sonars (also used for jigging)
    best live bait are worms and fat head minnows. you can catch just about anything on those two bait types.
    To troll: rig up your pole with some sort of lure, cast it parallel from the boat, and drive the boat at a slow speed. you want a little bit of a bow in your pole so that the lure dives.

  2. ok honestly dude, no one can answer your question, as a matter of fact, just one of your questions cant be answered, you have to narrow it down and ask them 1 at a time. if someone were to answere ALL your questions, there would be 1,000-1,500 pgs. if you are a begginer then go on google, or the library and reasearch, and try doing one at a time, a good place to start is bass fishing in my oppinion. yahoo is only for little side questions to help you climb higher, such as “what is a good soft plastic lure to use for bass in the winter” not, “how do i catch bass”. ok

    p.s. i wasnt being mean, i was just speakin the truth sry if i offended you 8)

  3. 1.) To fish for Carp use at least a medium action rod and a reel that will handle 10- or 12-pound line. Spool it with that pound of line. Use a 1/4-ounce sliding sinker with a Carolina rig, tie on your leader along with a #2 or 1/0 bait-holder hook covered with the white part of bread. Fish on the bottom and wait. Use multiple rods if accessible.

    2.) To catch a good Bass, or an easy way to catch Bass in general, is to Texas rig a 6″ Plastic Worm with a 1/8-ounce bullet weight, and a 1/0 or 2/0 worm hook.

    3.) One of the best small lures would be the 1″ grub on a jig head. I have caught countless Large-mouth Bass, Bluegill, & Green Sunfish off of this lure. At least 65-fish if not more. Anywhere from 2″-8″.

    4.) My favorite live bait would be a night-crawler, which is known to catch any member of the fish family in freshwater.

    5.) By snagging them with a big treble hook if legal. I don’t think it’s fun but it’s a way of catching fish that you wouldn’t think of.

    6.) Just set-up the trolling motor and use some 1/8-ounce, & 1/4-ounce Crank-Baits with bright colors for big Crappie.

    7.) Just buy you a fishing rod & reel, and a pack of beginner fishing stuff.

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