help with carp fishing please?

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Question by kane: help with carp fishing please?
hello i am 16 years old and have been fishing for a few years on and off and recently started going for carp, so i went in august and caught a 10 pound mirror carp. so what i want to know is what is the best bait for catching carp and what is the best method when i went i used a maggot and was float fishing but i think it was fluke as we were throwing in all our bait as it was the end of the day.
sorry that it is so long
but um yeah just tell me what i need to know

oh and also i have a 12 foot rod and a decent reel but i can not cast it what so ever it goes like 12 foot if that .
it is weighted properly but i just cant get it anywhere why is this ?

it isnt me i dont think as i can cast every one elses lines way out into the lake thanks oh and i dont know if it makes any diffrent where you fish but i live in the uk

also could soe one reccomend a site with cheap tackle etc i need :
rod rest
seat boxes
bite alarms etc

thank you i have a really tight budget as well

ill give 10 points for best answer :)
hello and dont worry there is a place called aldenham park resovoir ive been atleast 10 times and catch some nice big ones heres the link to a few

its really good but it depends how far your willing to go

hope this helped

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Answer by help
sorry to ask another question but i live in hertfordshire (UK) and want to start fishing. do you know any nearby coaches

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  1. Gosh Kane, this is a huge question and I could spend all day trying to answer and just bore the socks off you. So, let’s try to keep the answers simple.

    Baits: the easiest and most versatile bait for carp is sweetcorn. You can put it straight onto the hook or you can hair rig it. Here is a link to a website that shows you how to tie the knotless knot that enables you to create your own hair rigs:

    Other good baits for carp (especially in summer) are meat (Spam is good, as are some brands of catfood (notably Coshida). Halibut pellets do well, as do boilies, which are tailor made carp baits which will stay on a hook for days without going too soft and coming off.

    Maggots will do well for carp but they also attract other species such as roach. However, when fishing with corn on a hair rig I sometimes also put a maggot or two direct onto the hook and this “cocktail” sometimes brings on carp bites more quickly than a single bait.

    Tactics: There is nothing wrong with float fishing for carp on its day, but I prefer to leger or use a cage feeder. That method enables you to put out a bait and leave it undisturbed for long periods. The problem with float fishing is that it is more easily affected by wind and the bait can be disturbed and moved around by surface conditions. When using a cage feeder experiment with groundbaits. I like to use Sensas Crazybait Gold mixed with hemp, small 3mm halibut pellets and some sweetcorn. Or, in the summer, a method feeder can be absolutely deadly if you are fishing a well stocked commercial water.

    Casting: It is difficult to diagnose what you are doing wrong with your casting without being able to see what is happening, but I’d hazard a guess that it is one of the following. Maybe your reel spool is not sufficiently loaded with line. The spool needs to be full up to the rim. If it isn’t the line snags on the lip of the spool as you cast and the friction reduces casting distance a lot. Or, possibly, the line you are using is too thick for the line guides on the rod. If the eyes in the line guides are very small and you are using a heavyweight line the line will struggle to get through the eyes when you cast. You can solve that problem by using a smaller diameter line – but you need to remember that carp are pretty strong and so not go too light. Sometimes the only answer is a new rod with bigger eyes on the line guides.

    Cheap tackle: my experience is that you get what you pay for Kane. Too cheap means buying again after not too long, but if you are on a very small budget and want to kit yourself out with stuff to get going and are prepared to buy better at a later stage then these people are dirt cheap:

    Tight lines.

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