good carp lakes to fish in France with my two teenage sons?

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Question by 4 little ducks: good carp lakes to fish in France with my two teenage sons?
I would like to take my two sons age 12 and 15 carp fishing in France but having read some reviews i am a bit concerned and don’t want to take them somewhere un family friendly (i.e beer heads and stoners etc). I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for a nice family friendly French lake where the carp fishing is good 30lb + and the boys will be welcome

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It all depends on the kind of accommodation you want and which part of France you want to head for. France is a pretty big place! However, I have stayed at this place in Provence a couple of times. Unfortunately their website doesn’t make enough mention of their lake, but it is about 4 acres and an excellent location. Although they do camping they also have statics. The lake contains a lot of 30lb + carp – my biggest was 36 lbs. It is very child friendly and it is a lovely area to get out and about in too.

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