Fishing Tackle & Carp Fishing

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Rex Hunt & Steve Starling look at the latest in fishing tackle, fishing bait and carp fishing in England.

25 thoughts on “Fishing Tackle & Carp Fishing
  1. glad to see the aussies are educating people about carp fishing, to many fish are killed because of stupid laws made by non-fisherman

  2. Nice video and great fish. Recently went to France for a week at Etang De Villaine. Was there for 5 nights and caght 24 fish and they were all over 20lb, eleven of them were over 30lb. Its a private 6 acre lake full night fishing and run by british carp angler stu and jan.. check it out w w w carpfishinginfrancesite . com

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  4. i used to heve one of these in my village. but when i started fishing they took it away.

    lol: not the nibblies!

  5. steve starling is my fav fisherman him and bushy make really good plastics and i love there dvds

  6. i use a $2.50 fishing bell that just attaches to the rod tip. it rings when the fish bites and that is a lot cheaper than buying a bite indicator

  7. Nice video… come to spain and you will see a very big carps…. Hey some boilies have a very good taste…

  8. i live near sheltons in peterborough and that shop is amazing i love it but the stuff there have in there is soo exsepensive but its good shit 😛

  9. wow thats incredible! have you ever considered sitting down while holding your rod for 8 hours? I think that would be okay to.

  10. carp fight lyk hell you get realy big 1s ova hear thay are smart hea 2 in usa all th fish seem 2 just jump on th hook dumb catfish u can catch thm with yr hands

  11. carp is the most filthy, disgusting table fish around That’s why in Australia your obliged to kill them if you land one They dis up the bottom of our estuaries and “choke” our native fish
    By the way, pretty cool fishing accessories in the store

  12. shut up… what if they want to camp the night and fish all day… they’re not gonna stand outside like some fucking hippy waiting for a bite…

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