Episode 2 Carp Fishing at Cudmore Fisheries with Dave and Harry in February

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website: www.thecarpzone.co.uk In this episode, Harry Carp Fishing goes with an old friend Dave. The session was filmed on a cold day, dry and sunny in February. Dave speaks to us through the methods used and the bait They on Avoca Lake at Cudmore Fisheries in Staffordshire. The video captures the execution shouted Harry, and his first ghost carp Which Became then a personal best. Also Dave Can be seen on You Tube Fat Square Tours angling to break the record French Carp World. For more information on this site and many others in your area please visit our website. Thank you for watching

25 thoughts on “Episode 2 Carp Fishing at Cudmore Fisheries with Dave and Harry in February
  1. No disrespect meant, but i find it so hilarious how you english take your carp fishing so serious.

    I fish here in Oregon and if get one 15 pound coho salmon it’s a slow day. The average is about ten to twenty in a day, but have had a day where I landed 48 all over ten pounds on all artificial lures

  2. aup m8 av u bin yet i fish cudmore weekly and its the “avoca lake” but go on the bank nearset the canals at the end of the lake and cast to one of the islands with pellets (110’s). gud luck

  3. Nice vid im thinking off going on the 16th of march on avoco lake i dont no the lake at all what peg would u recomend fishing thanks

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