Dave Lane on the latest carp fishing gear from JRC

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Dave Lane introduces and details the brand new carp fishign bivvies, seats, beds and tackle from JRC

10 thoughts on “Dave Lane on the latest carp fishing gear from JRC
  1. i got a 2 man contact bivvy and its great the only thing i would say is its to small for 2 men. my bedchair wont fit in lenght ways without it touching the sidesso if thers condensation your shit gets wet. if you put the chairs the uther way you have to climb over a bedchair if your at the back. the two man is a cracking 1 man would not buy for to people especialy if you were going for a few nights most your stuff would be piss wet through outside.

  2. trakker bivvys are crap i own mk2 armo and not happy 18 months old and the peggin points are ripping already the straps to roll the front back had 2 b repaired and the elastic on rear poles snapped so you dont always get wot u pay for cant comment on fox bivvys never owned one

  3. fuckin dave lane is pissing me off fuckin tutting every second! pises me off.. i would have to pop him one if talked to me.

  4. make no mistake – you get what you pay for when it comes to Bivvy’s. me personally would opt for Trakker or Aqua or Fox

  5. i brought a JRC 1 man contact bivvy over 5 months ago now and i am verrry please with it, fishing in the pooring rain and was lovly and warm in side very suprisingly spacious for a 1 man and will accomidate a normal sized bedchair and luggage…….

    has anyone brought the contact caryall ? is it spacious enough?

  6. iv just got the two man jrc bivvy ,absolutley brilliant ,would reccomend to anyone,and i only payed £100 4 it brand new ,

  7. Anyone brought 1 ? if so are they any good for the money ? and are they any good for like 48 hour sessions?

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