Carp Fishing Video – Nash vs ECB Round 1!

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Carp fishing videos, tackle, tactics and tip all on this channel! Marc aka Wrongen from Essex Carp Baits takes on Me! Callum Mcinerney in a fun filled social… sorry “match” The first fish to grace the bank went 20.12lb caught on a single piece of glow in the dark corn The second fish was a 10lb common caught on ECB CIA boilie The third fish was a 19.8lb Common on ECB FIA boilie Marc won this round with his two fish haul although it was consolation to me because I did manage the biggest fish. Stay Tuned for round two!

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14 thoughts on “Carp Fishing Video – Nash vs ECB Round 1!
  1. Nice video guys! nice to see proper young anglers taking care of the fish. Watched quite a few videos of carp fishing in England. Beautiful sport which unfortunately not as appreciated here in my country. Anglers here tend to keep undersized fish and also poaching is widely spread. Nice work and hope to see some more action. Greetings from Romania!

  2. Glad you liked it guys and girl! Round two coming very sooon :) Thank you all for the comments. Very much appreciated!

  3. it would have been a sad day if the only fish I managed was a pastie. I think the biggen was consolation. 😀

  4. Round 2, is in the making watch this space..Glad you all like it.was a funny day making it.
    Oh special thanks goes out to the crickit bat common that got me off the mark..

    Oh and Nash boy Callum…conser bloody lation for the biggest fish lol

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