Carp Fishing – Tennessee Style USA

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Carp Fishing in Tennessee featuring John Bramley of K-1 Baits and using tackle and baits from K-1 Baits & Tackle, End Zone Terminal Tackle and Resistance Tackle.
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Carp Fishing with a 31+ caught on K-1 BAITS Mulberry Cream Boilies.
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28 thoughts on “Carp Fishing – Tennessee Style USA
  1. hahhah with bread u just can fish carp on comercial lakes where is carp 99% population.
    And if u using bread my advice is to put some vanilla aroma on bread and leave for few hours to stay.

  2. The K-1 BAITS Carp Starter kit has everything you need to catch a carp. I would also use a packbait & flavor combo kit to attract the fish. The instructions how to mix and use the bait come with it. These baits & Tackle are ideal for everything you will need, Good Luck!!

  3. I love carp fishing! Me and my girlfriend fish off our dock with sweet corn nothing more pull in 10-15 pounders every 20-30 minutes it’s so fun!

  4. European carp fishing brought to my home state of Tennessee… I love it, thanks for the cool video.

  5. I cast to where the fish were showing. Seemed silly not to, seen as that is where they were asking for it LOL!!

  6. i caught a 35 pound card down in conroe texas i got a good spot some nice dough bait home maid i was gettin hits every 15-20 min so if yall r ever in texas call me up

  7. nice setup other than the bite alarms they take the sport out of it.. it shows how lazy people are getting these days

  8. It is K-1 BAITS Cracked corn method mix with K-1 flavor. The Hook baits are K-1 Boilies & K-1 Flavored Corn. These river fish go mad for it so many times you get a bit before the rig hits the bottom.

  9. hey awesome job landing that fish i love fishing for carp. i was wondering if u could make a vid on how to the bait u used and were did u get the bite alarm

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