Carp Fishing – Free Spirit Big Carp Challenge 2-of-5

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Part 2 of the second Spirit of Carp Fishing Series. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!

Lee Merritt’s latest video blog on winter carp fishing. Watch the highs and lows and how he catches in harsh conditions. SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, FOLLOW
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DNR highlights 2013 work - Grand Forks Herald
DNR highlights 2013 workGrand Forks HeraldThe DNR completed a statewide watershed-based risk assessment of potential pathways for the spread of Asian carp by their own swimming abilities. Efforts continued on a design for an effective carp barrier at Lock and Dam 1 on ... The MinnAqua program ...and more »
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14 thoughts on “Carp Fishing – Free Spirit Big Carp Challenge 2-of-5
  1. Nice vids mates a lot of information, and good fishing.
    Tight lines! And greetings from holland.

  2. Not really. This is just as important and as much of an issue as anything they do.

    Asking to upload more is not a bad thing, its good for them to see people wanting more. Stop being so arrogant.

  3. Nice one Lee, beautiful looking fish, that first twenty was a stunner imagine that one at fifty!!!

  4. Great fishing Lee, just one question though, what on earth is that swimming across the camera shot at the 10:02 minute mark. It looks like an olympic swimming dog or nessies baby sister!!!!!

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