Can I use carp reel, Shimano bait runner 10 000 super fishing for bass?

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Question : Can I use carp reel, Shimano bait runner 10 000 super fishing for bass What if I used a coil freshwater fishing mer.Meilleure response: Answer by

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you can but its not the smartest for two reasons . Reason 1: salt water is HIGHLY highly corrosive because of the salt. a freshwater reel is not designed to hold up the salt where a saltwater reel, even if it will rust shut, he wants to resist the salt just a tad mieux.Raison 2: reels saltwater are gene rally more sun, they have more online and get more online with a full Revoultion of the act, because saltwater fish are bigger and fight even harder so he must be able to get them in quickly and keep the route to go down quite deep enough and so have enough for a fishing line to run so it does not come off and press the end

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  1. Yes you can. Shimano reels are pretty saltwater corrosion resistant. But, extra care is still required though. Baitrunner reels got more moving parts than regular spinning reels so you must make sure no saltwater or saltwater residues were trapped in those parts after you rinsed it after every use.

    PS: I use freshwater spinning reels in saltwater all the time. If you remember to rinse your reels after each use and keep your reels properly lubricated, saltwater corrosion won’t be a major problem. Just don’t use very cheaply made spinning reels in the surf because most of those reels are not very sand resistant. Other than this, there’re no major problems. So far, none of the Shimano freshwater reels gave me any problems in saltwaters.

  2. I use my Baitrunners all the time, from both beach and shore. I’ve had plenty of bass, smoothounds and sole on them.

    They are an extremely versatile reel. Just make sure you hose them down afterwards, which is something I’d advise you to do with any reel, anyway.

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