Best Carp Fishing reels?

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Question by : Best Carp Fishing reels?
I have been fishing with my friends Ambassadeur 6000 reels.. but im fixing to get some new reels of my own.. should i just get the red 6000 or 6500 carp masters or what do you suggest? Thanks.

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Answer by Marriem
Carp reels will need to be matched to thecarp rod. Depending on the distance you are going to be casting and the line strength and diameter you will be using, you need a reel that can hold the amount of line required. Choice of actual carp reel is very much a personal thing and you need to be comfortable with whatever you choose. I would recommend trying a carp reel on the rod you will be using it with. A good fitting is essential as is good balance. I would certainly try to buy a carp reel of the baitrunner type. If you are going to be using two rods and maybe waiting for a long time for a run, you can’t always watch it the whole time, and a carp needs to be able to pull line free from the reel before you can strike. If it can’t then a big carp can pull the whole rod and reel into the lake; believe me, I have seen it happen more than once

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