Best carp fishing bait????

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Question by srizo: Best carp fishing bait????
Going carp fishing this weekend on the Seneca river, new York. Need some homemade carp bait recipes. i really want to catch one. Thanks

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Answer by Firefightin’ Momma
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8 thoughts on “Best carp fishing bait????
  1. Let some meat scraps sit outside and spoil, so they really stink. I know it sounds gross, but that’s how carp find food (by smell).

  2. Have been carp fishing since I was a kid. A long time ago. :)
    Have used many different baits. Corn is a good one. Just string onto the hook. It comes off easy though. Corn and oat mixture is also good. Just ball together with water. My brother prefers corn flakes balled together with water. But my favorite is just plain old white bread. Use the middle of a slice and ball it on the hook. Dont even need water. And the best thing about it is it will catch catfish to. Good luck and have fun with it.

  3. I use one that is made out of peanut butter, bread, a little bit of water, and some sort of topping. Whether that be vanilla extract or something else. I’ve caught around a half a dozen carp this year on it, and one catfish.

  4. Corn or crawdads. Remember to use a small hook. It seems to work better. If you can catch any critters where you’re fishing, they’ll probably work the best.

  5. 1 package of uncooked brown and serve rolls
    1 stick of cream cheese
    3 strips of bacon – need the grease
    Assortment of food coloring

    Instructions. Take 4-6 uncooked brown and serve rolls and mix with stick of cream cheese until dough like consistency is formed. Cook the bacon and save the grease. Let grease cool until it can be safely handled. Thoroughly mix the grease into the dough ball.

    Add one food coloring into the dough ball. (Try separating pieces of the dough ball and add a color of food coloring for each dough ball. For example, I often use red food coloring for one dough ball. Then I use yellow food coloring for another dough ball, etc.) Place in refrigerator overnight until firm.

    Good luck!

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